I have been knee deep in cheese today.

For the last 4 years, we’ve had a tradition of eating lobster mac and cheese on Good Friday for a late lunch. Well, I’ve had the tradition of making it and my dad has the tradition of bugging me to make it. It’s all his idea.

But who can complain about lobster mac and cheese?

I made this recipe after Mr. How Sweet and I had a five-weekends-in-a-row binge of lobster mac at the Capital Grille in 2007. It is probably the most decadent meal on this site, and easily our favorite meal that I make. Soon I’m going to redo the recipe so you don’t have to look at such horrid pictures, but if you’d like to see what a mess I was 4 days into blogging, take a gander.  Judge me.


Check out this deliciousness that I found at the store today. Why haven’t I seen this before??

It is definitely cocoa-y and not chocolaty, but I love it. I already had some as a snack and it is incredible. Anything to fuel my fig obsession.

Me = food coma.