What do you think he’s thinking about?

I wonder if I could build a shed back here to house my dyecast cars and the lawnmower?

Wait… not a shed. A house. Like a treehouse. Like a NASCAR themed treehouse. With cable. So I can watch Jr. win the title this year and watch Triple H wrestle The Undertaker.

I could probably afford that if Jess didn’t think she was married to Daddy Warbucks.

I’d really like one of those camo Under Armor shirts. I could definitely run in that. I’ll just cut off the sleeves.

I wonder how many burgers I can eat since I just ran 6 miles. Four. I’m gonna eat four.

Does Taylor Swift have a new CD coming out soon? I’m getting bored with her old one.

Speaking of CD’s, no one makes music like Alabama anymore. Except for Taylor Swift.

Would it be acceptable to cut off the sleeves of my new Brooks Brothers shirts and wear them to work tomorrow?

Okay, I’m hungry. Starving. I’m probably going to die. I’ve never been this hungry in my life.