I have this little issue. It has plagued me since I was a tween.


I am an obsessive compulsive doodler.

If I have a pen and paper, I am done. My entire life, notebooks have been covered in scribbles ranging from hearts to bubble letters to that 9 dot game where you have to connect the dots without crossing lines… even in college. I rarely payed attention in class because I was too busy perfecting my corner cluster of stars. My mom once said that giving me a pen was like giving a murderer a loaded gun because I destroy everything within reach. Morbid? Yes. And totally true.


Sidebar: Do you know my friend Amanda? She is awesome. She makes delicious food and takes amazing photos and also offers a bunch of fun FREE handwriting fonts on her blog. I know. I think she is my soul mate too.


Anywho… I draw freaky hearts all over my possessions. Now you know.


Amanda had an incredible idea to help the tornado victims in Alabama. She had a few of her blog friends submit their handwriting, then she worked her magic and made them into fonts! Totally cool. Totally wizard-like. Totally something I couldn’t do.


I love, love, love this idea since I am obsessed with handwriting and fancy fonts. You can get fabulous fonts from all of these awesome bloggers:

Bridget – Bake at 350
Amanda – I am Baker
Rachael – La Fuji Mama
Ashley – Make It and Love It
Sara – Our Best Bites
Jenny – Picky Palate
Rachael – Rachael Rossman
Layla – The Lettered Cottage
Cheryl – Tidy Mom
Maria – Two Peas and Their Pod


You can now download my handwriting… cool, right? You can write your term paper or a love note or your grocery list or your work resignation or your super private diary entry with my handwriting, which would be like me writing it but it’s really you writing it but it just looks like me writing it. Wait… what?


I even drew you this cupcake for when you get hungry. 


It is calorie free, just like all the cupcakes I bake. Me = artist.


If you love the fonts, consider making a donation to Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa, a group who has organized an all volunteer state-wide effort to provide food, shelter, clothing to thousands of people around Alabama affected by the April 27th tornadoes. And thanks to Amanda!