1. My days are seriously screwed up. I went the majority of yesterday actually thinking that it was Monday, and talked to my mom for 10 minutes today thinking that it was Tuesday.


2. I was doing Tuesday Things because… it’s Tuesday, duh. Then 35 seconds ago I realized that it is Wednesday.


3. You know those powerberries from Trader Joe’s that so many of you keep telling me about? I finally picked some up on Saturday. We ran some errands and happened to stop by Trader Joe’s for some hot dog buns… and consequently ended up spending $60. Those were some expensive buns. Anyway… I’ve almost eaten them all. The berries… not the buns. I’ll tell you one thing they don’t give you power over: chocolate self control.

4. Speaking of Trader Joe’s, a bunch of you are sending me pictures of this chocolate-coffee-cinnamon spice grinder that is new? Yeah… well I’m jealous. Because my TJ’s doesn’t have it yet and I’m about to FLIP OUT.


5. And speaking of pictures, I’m pretty obsessed with all of the photos you upload to the How Sweet Facebook page. Anyone want to come take my photos for me? I’ll pay you in food and subsequent weight gain. And I guess I’ll buy you new pants then too.


6. Yesterday afternoon I bought a pound of ground turkey for Mr. How Sweet’s lunches the rest of the week. He ate all of it last night. This is… my life.


7. I’ve been listening to classical music today. Know why? I’M ADDICTED TO MY iPHONE. I actually feel anxious when I set it down and I’m not near it. Not good, my friends, not good. I’m saying sayonara to technology for the rest of today.


8. The sayonara part of #6 is a lie. Any guesses on how long I’ll last?


9. Beer-soaked french fries. These are a thing. A big thing. A thing that I need in my life like, yesterday. Get in mah belly.