1. I bought chocolate today to bake. After I worked out, of course. Then I ate it instead. Now I need more. I’m not even going to tell you that it was the “pound plus” from Trader Joe’s.


2. Uh… can you make these appear in my closet? Yes, you. I’ll pay you in cookies. And love you forever. [But I may have to give you an IOU for the cookies. See #1.]


3. I tweeted this over the weekend, but it’s so disturbing that I must share again. My uncle found this bug outside.

HOLY CREEPTOWN. My skin is crawling.


4. I’m already craving pumpkin and fall-scented candles. I know that’s so annoying and cliche and I won’t mention another word about it for at least 3 or 4 minutes. In the meantime, I want these popsicles in my hands. Double fist style.


5. Despite the 8 billion ice cream pictures I threw in your face while on vacation last week, I actually don’t love ice cream. It’s not my drug of choice. But I love getting it on vacation when it’s freshly scooped every single day. And on our second to last day, I had this cinnamon crumb cake ice cream. I want to bathe in it. Join me?

Wait. That’s weird.


6. There is one incredible and amazing thing I miss about our honeymoon: KING SIZED BEDS. Has anyone ever got divorced over their queen sized bed? I may need your lawyer.


7.  I bought this tiny perfume while on vacation.

As if I don’t smell like butter and sugar enough.