Since we’re talking makeup!

While the blush wasn’t something recently added to my collection, this is.

I bought this on sale when Ulta was having their 21 days of beauty last month. I absolutely love, love, love it.

The reviews online seemed to be split 50/50. Some loved it and others hated it, but since it was such a good price, I went for it. I tend to not wear anything on my actual face – I’ve never worn foundation and I can’t stand powders, so it is important to me to have something super light. I don’t know how exactly to describe this, but it is a very thin sheen that once on, makes me feel like I didn’t even put anything under my eyes.

Not only that, but I can’t believe how much it brightens the area up. It has totally made a difference for me and is now a staple in my bag.

Now… go spend more money.