1. When I was in first grade, we got to dress up as pilgrims and indians while our parents brought in an ENTIRE Thanksgiving dinner. That was the best day ever! Probably not for our parents.

2. Ever compared yourself to someone over… anything? You must must read this post!

3. I bought this cheese today. Because I wanted to.


4. Even though we’ve established that I suck at crafts, I wonder if I could manage this? Because I love all things peacock.

5. Saturday night I had a dream that Mr. How Sweet was in Vegas and “ordering” escorts. I woke up so pissed off and was ready to punch him in the head. He is still reminding me it was just a dream as I glare at him and throw my shoes at his nose.

6. Last year I created a monster when I made cake batter bark, igniting this crazy desire for all things chocolate bark. Puuuhlease tell me you’ve seen Naomi’s chocolate bark series this year. I am flipping my lid over it!

7. I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but a this summer my brother moved to Florida. He is coming home tonight and I.can’t.wait!

8. My cousin got me this book for my birthday. I want to live inside of it. Because it’s so cozy and comfy.

9. I’m pretty sure I need this milkshake because it has PIE CRUST STRAWS. Did you hear me? PIE CRUST STRAWS. I didn’t even like PIE CRUST STRAWS until this morning. I think my life depends on this.

10. I’ve already screamed this on two social media outlets today, but I would be completely thrilled if I never had to see that Target Black Friday commercial with that nutso lady… EVER AGAIN. It makes me want to stab my eye.

11. I am becoming obsessed with painting glitter gradients on my nails, even though I have no talent at this whatsoever and end up with a result akin to a four-year old playing with makeup. If you love nail polish too, do not search “nails” or “essie” on Pinterest unless you feel like losing the next two days of your life. I’m not joking… stop!

12. Tell me something fun. I have dishes to do.