Now that we’ve established that I’m a total beauty product junkie, I’m going to tell you about my favorite lip gloss. I am a gloss girl all the way – I haven’t worn actual lipsticks in years… possibly never alone?… but I do have a few MAC lipsticks that I think are pretty. It’s just that once they touch my lips… I want to hurl.


I have stuff on my lips 24/7. Like… always. Get me? I ALWAYS need to have gloss on my lips. Funny enough, my husband is the exact same way (though don’t you dare call it lip gloss because he only uses the unflavored Chap Stick) and I found it to be a huge red flag the first time he picked me up and there were SEVEN (yes seven) Chap Stick’s in the console of his Jaguar. That was… interesting.

Makes for a great stocking stuffer though.


This is what I put on my lips every night before going to bed. I adore it.

I use it a few times during the day if needed, but I find lipgloss in pots to be a pain because then you need to wipe your finger on something. Pretty sure the carpet of my childhood bedroom is covered in pink sparkles, FYI.

I also use the Blistex DCT and the Carmex squeeze tube, and occasionally steal one of my husband’s lipglo…. I mean Chap Sticks. But those are a little plain and I need some flava. I like Philosophy as well, but find it to be a little too sticky for my liking.


As for color, I’m a sad, sad sucker for MAC. Over 10 years ago I was hooked on their Lip Glass, but have since moved on to their Dazzle Glass, which I love even more. It has a little sparkle (but not too much) and it’s super glossy… and I’ve probably tried every single color they offer.

Obviously the holiday limited edition collections are often the best, and therefore impossible to find. I also have a few Plush Glasses but don’t love them quite as much.


Like perfumes, I’ve spent most of my life rarely buying the same lip color twice because that’s just… boring. I always want to try something new and exciting. But I’m on tube #4 of this color – Rags to Riches – which is huge for me. I get more compliments on this color than I’ve ever got on any others.

And even better, it’s really light which means I can highlight my eyes in smokey blacks, blues and purples, wear waaaay too much makeup and look like a lady of the night. Sweet. I’ve also dabbled in Nars lip glosses (to match my blush), Chanel, Buxom, Lorac and Dior. But when it comes to color, texture and even taste(!), I always go back to MAC as my tried and true.

So spill it… what’s on your lips? Besides a drop of wine or cookie crumbs.