1. A cookie butter update: I want to burrow inside the jar and live there forever. OMG.

2. Contrary to popular belief, this was not my turkey on Thanksgiving.

3. I’ve been the victim of some disgusting illness the last 8 days, but am hopefully turning the corner. If the cookies I just scarfed are any indicator, I should be well by this evening.

4. Thankfully, I have my priorities straight and was able to manage an all day shopping extravaganza on Friday with my mom. When I dropped her off, my dad attempted to cure me with pancakes. At 11pm.

5. Today is St. Nicholas’ Day! My entire life, I woke up to gold “chocolate” coins in my shoes. Now I wake up to… nothing. I hate being a grown up.

6. Considering I’m such a cliche, it’s totally normal that I’m obsessed with the sock bun.

7. And I’m dying to try this with my hair. Pretty sure I can easily find the, uh… supplies.

8. I’m about 5 seconds away from driving myself to the nearest theater to see that stupid Twilight movie, even though I’ve never read the books and and loathe all things Twilight related. Somebody stop me!

9. I’m praying Santa brings me a maid this year. A live-in one. Who is free. And specializes in dishes.

10. Bella is huge. I hate it.

10. 20 points + a gold star to whoever can bring me one of these immediately. My throat is begging you.

11. I need your best Christmas gift suggestions for men who have EVERYTHING. Go!