1. Today is my brother Will’s birthday! One time he did a post on my blog like four days after I started blogging. You liked him more than me. True story.


2. ‘Tis the season to shop all day and then find yourself ravenous with the only hope being a measly old granola bar in your bag that can be described as tasting like one thing: purse. If you’re anything like me, bars hide in your bag for months and months and then your forget about them and then BAM! you need eat. See? That’s what they are there for. If I could describe the taste of purse, I would have to say it tastes like a cross between loose metallic change, leaky lip smackers and dusty, mealy tissues.


3. ‘Tis the season to also put the freaking air conditioning on in your car. Does anyone else but me have to do this? It’s freezing outside, so I bundle up. I drive to the store. I’m a maniac so I rush rush rush or shop for six hours, then I get in the car and feel like I’m going to DIE because I’m wearing 800 layers of puffy fluffy down feathers. Instead of taking off my coat I blast the AC on high. It works.


4. Remember a few months ago when I showed you a picture of my friend’s baby who makes the BEST FACES EVER? Yeah, well here’s another one.

Seriously. I KNOW. He isn’t even one year old yet. Don’t you just want to eat him up? I know you do!

I have no idea what is going on there but I am freaking obsessed with whatever it is. Can’t.stop.laughing.


5. Since I’m such a sucker for any and all beauty products, I almost passed out when Winnie posted this homemade CHOCOLATE MINT sugar scrub. Yes my friends. I’ll say it again: CHOCOLATE MINT. Oh em geeee. Merry Christmas to me.


6. My husband told me this weekend that we “had no food in this joint.” I then spent an hour at the grocery store and came home with three different kinds of lunch meat, two of these weirdo beef stick things, five (yeah five) various bags of chips, crackers, granola bars, tons of cheese, some gross pre-made BBQ chicken, bread, buns, yogurt and ice cream. Then on Sunday night he screamed at me, “WHY can’t we just have any REAL food for dinner.”



7. Probably because there was no food in this joint, this seriously happened last night. I know.


8. Can somebody get me earplugs for Christmas? I’d really like them right about now.