1. Good news! I’ve come out of my country love song Pandora slump and have found myself right smack in the middle of the Taylor Dayne Pandora station. My life is made.

2. It’s even more made with these baked egg boats. O.M.G. Holy bread.

3. Oh wait. Not done. Because I also can’t stop thinking about this sweet milk granita. I’m making it tonight! For me, myself and I.

4. I spent all day Friday cuddling up to that baby that makes the best faces ever. While I was doing that, his sister painted her eyelids with sparkly pink lipgloss.

5. On Saturday I drank a salty caramel bourbon milkshake. Helllllllo heaven. I had quite a productive weekend!

6. How am I sure that my husband really knows me? He put two of the perfect cube ice trays in my stocking this year. I may have been more excited about those than I was for the iPad.

7. And no… that’s not coffee up there. It’s hot chocolate… COLD. Because I want to be cool so badly and like coffee and I’m just… not. Frown.

8. Speaking of stockings, guess who is still fully decorated for Christmas? I like to pretend it’s because I’ve been ohhh sooooo busy, but really… I’ve just been ohhh sooooo lazy. But I mean, Pinterest is just like working and stuff. That’s busy.

9. Over the holidays we started watching Dexter and it’s safe to say that now I’m 100% terrified ALL THE TIME and also get nothing done because we’re glued to the DVDs. Enter Christmas decor.

10. But it totally makes cutting things like blood oranges and pomegranates like 36 times more fun.