1. I’ve been such a grown up this week! Yesterday we bought a new washer/dryer and today I went ALL BY MYSELF to get my tires rotated. This is huge.

2. I should not brag about such things however, because now we are broke.

3. I also have determined that I would rather spend my money on anything – and I literally mean ANYTHING, like even a freaking broccoli farm – than a washing machine. Barf.

4. I also got my car inspected today by accident. Total grown up.

5. While getting my car inspected by accident, I sat next to the most negative woman I have ever encountered in my life. So I secretly brought up a positive quote search on Pinterest and titled my iPad her way.

6. We are now enamored by this insanely easy tomato sauce. It is so incredible and even I – who has abhorred all things tomato sauce-ish since birth – find myself craving it. I mean, lots of spoonfuls of romano helps.

7. Remember last year when I went through an obsessive tuna + avocado lunch phase? Well… it’s back. But with really thick, crusty toasted multigrain bread and bacon. Oye.

8. I am still going full throttle on that Taylor Dayne Pandora station, and it’s been made even better by like, every single song off Toni Braxton’s album, Secrets. God I love the 90s.

9. And speaking of, I’m THISCLOSE to buying the complete Dawson’s Creek series on DVD. It’s like I’m craaaaving it.

10. Wait, you mean real grown-ups don’t do that after they have to blow all their money on major appliances?

11. I wish I could still go to the prom. Or just go shop for a fun fancy dress. Me thinks I need to find a way to get into the Oscars.

12. You know the whole cruise ship tragedy thing? Well for my entire life, that is what I’ve envisioned it would be like to go on a cruise. That if I went on a cruise, THAT would happen. I have never desired to go on a cruise and though I’m riddled with many irrational fears (um like someone throwing me over the railing of the second floor at the mall if I stand too close), now I can ensure you that I will never, ever, ever go on one. Unless Leonardo Dicaprio would like to accompany me.

13. For dinner tonight I will be making this white bean soup because I can’t get it out of my head. In fact, I might just dunk my entire head in the pot tonight. What are you having?

14. Dude, I’m staving. Must find food.