1. Last week my mom was dying over this video of Kristen Bell, so I had to jump on the bandwagon. I pretty much watch it once a day. Someone needs a life!

2. I also had the same reaction as the video above when I learned that James Taylor will be in Pittsburgh this year. And yes, I’ve seen him a million times and yes, I am going no.matter.what. Gahhh! I’m seriously 60 years old… I can barely take it.

3. Oh oh oh, I also had that reaction when I learned Jersey Boys is coming back to Pittsburgh, because if you’ve been reading long enough you might remember that I went through a phase of about four solid months when I listened to NOTHING ELSE but the soundtrack. Literally nothing else. All day long. Why am I not single? This doesn’t seem right.

4. Well maybe it seems right since I cook enough food for an army. Then I remember that my husband has framed autographed pictures of wrestlers still hanging on the walls.

5. I’m not much of a cracker person, but I seriously cannot stop eating these Blue Diamond Smokehouse Nut Thins. O.M.G. I want to cover myself in a blanket of these and eat my way out. It’s sort of like bacon covering a cracker. But not.

6. Um, but I think that might be my dinner tonight. Bacon on a cracker FTW.

7. This is a picture of my new favorite snack. Salt on pepper on hard-boiled eggs on hummus on toast. In my mouth.

8. Speaking of all this food, I roasted a wedge of cabbage for the first time today to see if just maaaaaaaybe I could handle it. It was okay, sort of like a massive brussels sprout, but then it was just… SO MUCH. No can do.

9. On the other hand… this salad may make me want to eat vegetables for the rest of my life.

10. After a wild Saturday night date of church and Chipotle, we watched the Ides of March and yes, I did almost have a heart attack. Thank you for asking. Clooney and Gosling on one screen? Illegalness.

11. Know what makes me insanely giddy? This.

12. Especially because now I’m not the only one who looks like that when I eat a cupcake.