1. If you’ve read this blog for any more than a hot 5 minutes, you must know I’m crushed over the passing of Whitney Houston. Considering I I mention her no less than thrice a month, I’ve been drowning my sorrows in Boys II Men and Babyface since late Saturday night.

2. Oh and I have to say, the Whitney Pandora station is even better than Taylor Dayne, though they both play similiar tunes. But the Whitney station plays fabulous throwbacks like On Bended Knee that take me back to my 7th grade dance when I stood with my hands on some guy’s shoulders and he barely touched my waist and we didn’t move any closer than 8 inches to each other while “dancing” for the fear of spontaneously erupting into flames.

3. Thrice is such a gross word.

4. I spent the blizzards of ’96 and ’97 watching Waiting to Exhale and The Preacher’s Wife over and over and over and… over again. My parents were thrilled since Waiting to Exhale was quite the… “education” for someone my age. P.S. that is still one of my favorite soundtracks of all time.

5. I’m probably not going to shut up about Whitney for a really long time but you already know how annoying I can be… sooooo yeah.

6. I decided to cook a last minute feast tonight and it’s including… FONTINA SMASHED POTATOES. I’m making them up and I will probably eat them all myself.

7. Yesterday I made cookies with this guy’s sister and caught her in the act of sneaking chocolate chips.

Wait. Is this my child?

8. I’m pretty much dying over this fluffernutter french toast. Many of you seemed surprised when I mentioned that I had marshmallow fluff on hand at all times, but what really concerns me is why you DON’T have marshmallow fluff on hand at all times.

9. Yes I’m serious. Why?

10. On Friday immediately after my workout I ran into the store, still dripping with sweat, and walked out with 4 pounds of butter. This is not unusual.

11. I’m still eating gummy vitamins like they’re going out of style. I hope I live.