1. You know how I shared those chicken fingers on Friday? Mr. How Sweet had been out of town and came home Friday night, opened the fridge and asked in disbelief, “where are the chicken fingers?!” To which I replied, “you mean the maple mustard ones that I made 2 weeks ago that you took for lunch? The ones that you ate before I could have more than two bites?” He says, “OMG, the whole way home I’ve been waiting to eat those chicken fingers. I thought you just made them! Are you sure that I ate them already??” Um. Yes. I’m sure.

2. I’m horrified to admit this but I finally found Biscoff locally and I soooo wanted to hate it since it’s super trendy, but… it’s amazing. Ugh. I’m annoying myself. Wait. I need to go eat a spoonful.

3. Pretty sure I watched The Bodyguard five times this past weekend and all I gotta say is… Kevin Costner can be my bodyguard annnnnyday.

4. Speaking of The Bodyguard, what does that ending even MEAN?! Are they together? Aren’t they together? I can’t take that sort of ambiguousness.

5. And speaking of Kevin Costner, my brothers and I used to have some weird obsession with him when we were younger and would watch Dances with Wolves millions and millions of times. It scared the crap out of me. But I loved him.

6. I’ve only had my iPhone for about 8 months and it already houses 4500+ photos on it. Is this… normal?

7. These might have jumped into my grocery cart today. I mean, I don’t know. I can’t help it that I’m forever 8 years old.

8. How insanely adorable is this funfetti cake!? I can’t even take it.

9. Last Tuesday I decided to cook a last minute feast and made some lobster with brown butter. It was SO beyond good that I hate it’s guts.

10. I bought these neon socks over the weekend and you’d have thought I hit the powerball. It’s the little things folks.

11. I don’t turn on TV until later at night when all the good trash is on, but I started turning on SoapNet every Tuesday while I write (um, if that’s what you want to call it) these Tuesday Things since 90210 is on. All I gotta say is Brenda and Dylan WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You’re ruining everything. Like my childhood.

12. I just tried to crack an egg for a recipe that I assumed was hard boiled and… wasn’t. I say I call it a day and turn SoapNet back on.