I spent most of last week in Florida, finishing it off with the Orlando food blog forum conference at Disney World… which was ahhhmazing.

Now I’m home and whiney. Be glad you’re not here!

All photos courtesy of my iPhone. Oh! I also did something that included dumping an entire bag of pretzel crumbs directly on top of my DSLR mid-flight, and let’s just say there is pretzel dust in every crevice of my life.

these cost as much as a pair of shoes.

hello little creeper.

why isn’t this my back yard?

the eats at food blog forum were out.of.control.

this chocolate thing burst in your mouth and was drenched in cognac.

i love glitter.


what life should always be.

sugah sugah.

i bit off mickey’s ear. it wasn’t that great.

Now someone tell me how to get back in the groove. I need my groove back. Like Stella!