1. It’s that time of year again… Kate Spade sample sale! Love yourself.

2. Don’t listen to what anyone else tells you about #1. I give you permission. That’s all that matters.

3. It’s rare that I don’t finish books I begin reading, but after grabbing this one I can say that five pages in I wanted to quit, and now 158 pages in I am for sure quitting. Can’t even take it. This hasn’t happened in YEARS.

4. This is my new favorite breakfast! English muffins, eggs, roasted red peppers and fresh mozzarella.

Actually, that’s sort of a lie. I totally forgot about it until I was looking through my iPhone today. But I assure you that starting tomorrow? It will definitely be my new favorite breakfast.

5. Two weekends ago, while eating at BRGR, my husband had a burger… truffle fries… crack chips… and a giant milkshake after multiple {alcoholic} drinks. He then decided he was still hungry and ordered another shake… but before bringing it to him, they came out to “confirm” the order because WHO ORDERS ANOTHER SHAKE after all of that food?!

6. He does.

7. Kristan was killing me this weekend. But ummm… someone should tell her that Ryan G is mine. AWKWARD.

8. I went to “buy a new hairbrush” at Ulta this weekend and came home $150 poor. They really need to stop stealing my money.

9. I’m fairly certain that I’m moving to a different state based on their unseasonable availability of strawberries. We’re going through massive Sam’s Club-sized bags at least once a week. And that doesn’t count the day when I opened up the freezer and they all spilled onto the floor.

10. I ate them anyway. Frozen stuff is like… frozen from all diseases and dirt.

11. You know… I think heaven is made up of people who wash your hair and give you scalp massages while doing so. Like for all of eternity.