1. I still can’t find my grooooove. Wah! I feel like I just spent a wild and crazy week in Vegas or something.

2. Many of you asked what my favorite meal/dessert was while at Disney. I have to say that the mac and cheese bar at the food blog forum reception was OUT OF THIS WORLD. It included lobster, short ribs, caramelized mushrooms, crab bread crumbs and like five other things I can’t even remember because my eyes rolled back in my head. So freaking good. As for actual Disney dessert, I’d probably have to go with the Dole Whip. #rollmehome

3. Oh and we totally went on the teacups, and let’s just say that trying to fit four adults inside is a biiiit tricky. We also spun around so fast that I definitely almost tossed my cookies. And then five minutes later we ate corn dog bites. What?

4. And one morning last week my brother ate the Vosges chocolate bacon bar for breakfast. Like… the whole thing. Real life.

5. On the plane ride home I felt so wretched from all of the junk I ingested that I swore I’d eat nothing but apples for three days. Since we all know it wouldn’t be vegetables. Then I got frozen yogurt.

6. I can’t even take how gorgeous our weather is. I want to eat it with a spoon.

7. I’m so boring today that I’m resorting to talking about the weather. Haaallllp me.

8. Whenever I come home from traveling, it sort of goes like this: I make a list about what I need to do. I sit around and ignore that list. Four days later I start to unpack. By “unpack” I mean remove things from my suitcase and put them in a very inconvenient spot (like on the stairs) where we trip over them for weeks. I complain that I have nothing to wear since I haven’t done laundry. I freak out mid shower because all of my toiletries are sitting on the coffee table in the living room. I finally do something about it six weeks later since the only other option is to get a divorce.

9. The How Sweet Facebook page makes me outrageously hungry. You guys post the BEST pictures. Can you come make me dinner tonight?

10. I could care less that St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone… I want to make this Guinness chocolate pie every day for the rest of my life. Hope you’re cool with that.

11. Time for a nap! Wake me up when I’m outta this funk.