1. Okay sooooo…. the dark chocolate bourbon cherry soda float had dark chocolate ice cream, bourbon and cherry soda. Basically, I wanted to swim in it.

2. True story: I could spent the rest of my life sitting in the same spot while someone massages or scratches my back. I wish I could hire a 24/7 masseuse slash back scratcher. My husband hates me. So do his prematurely arthritic hands.

3. My addiction to magazines is out of control. It’s a sickness, really. If you don’t believe, come over and see the 18 magazines sprawled throughout my living room at the moment. If only it was an exaggeration.

4. Neon… can’t stop, won’t stop. I will never quit you. I want my wardrobe to look like Barbie barfed all over it. I don’t care what anyone thinks.

4.5 Except I sort of care what everyone thinks, because I’m a super cliched, stereotypical, first-born girl in her 20s who suffers from major oldest child syndrome and needs constant reassurance. Just not when it comes to neon.

5. Let’s have our weekly Girls discussion! I personally thought the episode – in all of it’s outrageously uncomfortableness and awkwardness – was incredible. Probably my favorite so far. I just can’t help but stare at the TV with my eyes half-covered saying WHAT.

6. Unfortunately, 76% of my current vernacular is consisting only of quotes from Girls. I’m sure you can imagine how everyone that is not a 20-something female in a five mile radius of me feels when I open my mouth.

7. Things in my purse, junk and messiness edition.

That’s one out of about sixty-seven billion receipts that calls my purse home.

8. Um, so you know how I always talk about my obsession with Grape Nuts? Turns out, you can MAKE YOUR OWN. Seriously. What.the.heck.

9. I have developed a fascination with walking. My dad and grandpa have always been big walkers – walking in the morning, taking a stroll at lunch, maybe another after dinner… and now I’m hooked. It’s so relaxing. I just like to go outside each afternoon and walk in the sun and sing old people songs on my iPod while people look at me funny. But I’m pretty sure this will get old once the temps start hitting 90.

10. My weekend consisted of about 25 hours of work, 8 hours of Pinterest, 2 hours of cake baking and phone-dropping in frosting and 1 hour of shoe shopping since I refuse to stop wearing this one pair of wedges that have been falling apart for 3 years. This picture says a thousand words.

I’m just not sure what words.

11. I don’t have the space for a garden but I really want to grow some herbs and maybe tomatoes and possibly some gross green veggies to up my chances of consuming them. Can someone point me in the direction of how I could do this in pots? It’s so overwhelming for me. It’s like doing crafts.

12. Now please talk me into making dinner. Because as of right now a milkshake is looking pretty good.