1. That ice cream I talked about yesterday? Ummm it was just, oh…OREO CHEESECAKE. Uh yeah. It was as horrible as it looks.

2. I totally pulled a huge Mother Lovett this weekend and spent a good majority of my time “supervising” my husband doing yard work while I sat on the driveway sunning myself and while my neighbors probably gossiped on how I am the worst wife known to man. Actually, that’s a lie. She definitely would have still been doing some sort of work and just screaming and yelling at my grandpa in between chores.

3. I might be starting to like iced coffee! It has to be like one with 657 calories, but I think I’m getting there.

4. I know that my adoration for sprinkles and glitter and all things sparkly is getting quite ridiculous at this age, but I am soooo enthralled with these funfetti cookies. I can’t stop thinking about them. So bright!

5. I’ve also been legitimately losing my mind over this seven sins chocolate cake. WHAT. UGH. Can’t even take it.

6. These are just a few out takes from lunch on Friday with face baby. I wish these even did him justice. They don’t. Is this kid even real? I’m petitioning for a “daily face baby” blog.

7. Okay, get this. Saturday morning I wake up from a seriously dead sleep and right smack dab in the middle of a dream. Know what the dream was about? I was in Girls. Like, literally! Girls was real life, I was involved and in the middle of a discussion on the street with Jessa and Hannah. I am not even joking.

8. But when I told my husband (who still refuses to even watch and calls it complete trash) he said in a very non-amused voice, “that would never happen because you have you sh*t together.” Hmmm… really? How have I been able to fool him for so long?

9. Oh and I also loved this week’s episode. But let it be known that I’m like the worst critic ever. Which I’m quite sure you’re already aware of given my love professions for things like neon leg warmers, top 40 music and every Nicholas Sparks’ book-made-movie known to man.

10. Whoever the person is who created crunchy Biscoff? I wish they never existed. So do all of my clothes.

11. And another thing I can’t keep my paws out of? That dumb peanut butter chocolate ganache from the ice cream cupcakes. No seriously. Sunday I went at it with a salty sourdough pretzel and last night it was just a spoon.

12. Last week at some point I started blasting “90s summer hits” on Pandora and I have to say, I was sort of disappointed. A lot of Weezer and stuff that reminded me of bad decisions and also made me feel like I was stuck inside an American Pie movie, but like… where was the Ace of Base? OMC? Lisa Loeb? All I must say is… how bizarre.

13. With that, I’m done. Waaay too much of a loser today.