1. I ate some s’mores for lunch one day last week. Made in the oven. My life has been very, very boring this past week. That’s a warning for points #2-#10.

2. In crazy news, today makes the 52nd week of Tuesday Things. So I guess that’s like… a year? I find it hilarious because every week Tuesday Things isn’t something planned, it’s something like “oh if I have stupid things to say this week, I’ll do a Tuesday Things post.” I guess I have a lot of stupid things to say.

3. You know how I am freakishly obsessed with cookie dough? Well, Lindsay wrote an ENTIRE BOOK about cookie dough. I can’t even take it and want to make everything 36 times right this minute.

4. I attempted a fish tail braid in my VERY layered hair last week at about 10:30 at night because I was bored.

5. Then this past weekend, I put this sock bun in my cousin’s hair. Note: it totally works 3 zillion times better when you do it on someone else.

6. My little tomato plants have flowers. !!!! WHAT DOES THIS MEEEEAN?

7. You’ve probably seen it twenty times by now (I’m never in style, ever) but you should most definitely watch this marriage proposal.

8. Okay, Girls time! I can’t stop loving the show. I just can’t. Everyone is growing on me… even Adam. Barf. I mean, it’s totally in a “you’re gross-what is your deal-WHAT THE HECK-but I sort of like you now?” way. Kinda disgusted with myself.

9. Oh oh! Speaking of Girls, if you are a female in… let’s say the 27-34 age range, you should definitely watch this little video. However, it is not safe for work as there is some harsh (but true?) language involved, so I advise you watch it tonight at home in the comfort of your own pajamas. Then watch it four more times and go “OMG… that is so me!”

10. First real mojito of the season. You guys can all start celebrating summer now.

11. I’ve spent almost my entire working day listening to Steve Tyrell. Seriously, how old am I?! No. Seriously.