1. Ummm… soooo… there is now a face baby blog! It’s sole purpose is to make you laugh and giggle. Today you can even try to guess what face baby is thinking. I would, but I’m afraid every time he looks at me he thinks I’m going to eat his face off. Because I might say those exact words… every… single… time.

2. Wait wait… I probably shouldn’t joke about that with this insane bath salts/zombie/face eating craze that is happening these days. WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR WORLD.

3. That cake… oh that cake. It’s like, made up of drugs or something. So insanely delicious. And no, I didn’t make it.

4. Last week I spotted lightening bugs for the first time this summer and seriously FREAKED OUT. I got so excited, like six-year old excited. And then I got even more freaked out, and was like how in the world is there an insect that LIGHTS UP?! What?! How does this happen?? Is is real? I wish I was an innocent child again.

5. And speaking of, do you call them fireflies or lightening bugs? I clearly call them lightening bugs, but I like to think that it’s just because I was never cool enough to call them fireflies. Pretty sure I took a poll on this last year, but now I’m old and can’t remember.

6. I cannot get enough of this “I Can Fly!” post. It makes me so happy. I have it bookmarked and look at it like three times a day. It’s the simple things, people.

7. So far I’ve watched the season finale of Girls five times. And it’s only Tuesday. Stop reading now if you haven’t seen it. Did Adam really get hit by a car? I almost died. And why do I like him? It makes me hate myself. Which ultimately… would make me fit right inside of Girls. Ew.

8. In another edition of “spices I hoard in weird places,” we see smoked paprika in my car. Amongst a bunch of other junk. AKA… The bane of my husband’s existence.

9. Oh oh oh… I made these artichoke squares on Sunday and… holy crapola – they were unreal. I also decided that they are healthy since they barely have like, any carbs at all!

10. My herbs are… not looking so hot? They look okay, but some of the leaves are turning lighter in color and even yellowish. Does this mean they need less sun? Should I pick them? Where do I put them? Can I hire a permanent gardener for three pots of herbs? Are permanent gardeners a real thing? They definitely get enough water but it’s like I stunted their growth or something. Smart people help please.

11. I really cannot stop listening to this song. I listen to it like thirty times a day. I’ve listened to it five times since I started typing this post. I heard it once and hated it, then continued to hear it all the time and continued to hate it. Like so much that I wanted to kick the radio. Then somewhere along the way, I became obsessed with it. That’s probably exactly what those smart music marketing people wanted. But it makes me feel like I need to put on cut off jean shorts, a dirty white tank top and not wash my hair for like twelve days.

12. It is soooo hot today, so I thought “oh! I’m going to try to eat something fresh and summery! Like tomatoes and maybe some leftover balsamic glaze! And OMG, I haven’t had a vegetable in about two weeks. Maybe I will take a few bites of raw broccoli and see what happens!” Then I ate a blueberry muffin.

13. A girl and her ball.

14. I almost said “presh” up there… but then I would have had to punch myself in the face. Unless one of you did it first.