1. One of the only salads I will ALWAYS order if it’s on the menu: grilled romaine. Yesyesyes.

2. I’m trying desperately to cut out “LOL” from my texting and typing vocabulary, which if you text or email with me, you know is, well… HUGE. I’m failing miserably, lol! Just kidding. Sort of.

3. Since I only have a few more months to discuss being in your 20s, here is a double whammy: friendship in your 20s and 15 ways 20-somethings ruin their 20s. Preach it.

4. The night before vacation, I was awake until 2am making what I can only describe as “one kickass playlist” for the car ride. Um… in the car? My husband and brother apparently did not agree. It was very destructive to my self esteem.

5. Oh and the reason that this playlist was so fantabulous was because someone (me) discovered a gem in my old CD carrier – you know like those giant binders that hold 4 CDs a page? Yeah. This gem goes by a name of the “Save the Last Dance” soundtrack. Ummm… do this. Buy it, download, rediscover it, I don’t care. Just do it.

6. While we’re on the subject of music, I’d like to write an open letter to my iPod titled “Why Must You Shuffle Through The Same 12 Songs When There Are 432 Songs On The Playlist?”

7. 37 things to never be sorry about. I very much appreciate #29.

8. I know I haven’t done a Trader Joe’s post in forever, but my husband is losing his mind over this frozen yogurt. He puts things like strawberries and blueberries in it. I put things like oreos and chocolate chips in it. I think he’s weird.

9. I really like cherries. And grilled things. And gin. And bitters. So this grilled cherry sour was practically MADE for me. !!!!!!

10. Clearing my motion to use less exclamation points is going really well too.

11. When the Olympics are over I’m just going to cry. I’m not going to know what to do with myself. Productivity? What is that? But at least I’ll be getting more than 4.5 hours of sleep per night. P.S. I refuse to believe that these Olympians are younger than me. Actually like, half my age. It just isn’t allowed.

12. Holy freaking crap: BBQ chicken grilled cheeses. Is cheeses a word? I’m just pronouncing it like CHEESUS. It’s making me giggle. This is what it takes to entertain myself. CHEESUS!! Cheesus cheesus cheesus.Whatever… just get me some of that.

13. You know that moment when you turn off the water, step out of the shower, only to realize that there is no towel in the bathroom, and there is no towel in the closet which is in the bathroom, because, well… why would that make sense, and so you walk out to the hallway where there is a closet with towels, and you are soaking wet, and you open the door and find no towels, besides… well, a hand towel, which barely covers one of your thighs, then remember that you tried to be an adult and do a laundry load of towels, which are all hanging out two floors down inside the dryer, and so you take your sopping wet body down two floors praying that no one can see inside your windows? No? Me either.