1. Is that not one of the prettiest tacos you’ve even seen?! Man I could totally eat these tacos every single meal of the day. Of my life.

2. You know… what I wouldn’t give for a mississippi mud brownie right about now. UGH. And you don’t even want to know how I just spelled mississippi there. Oh oh oh and chocolate berry slab pie. WHAT. I just want anything with the word “slab” in it.

3. I always have this dilemma, and it’s about grilled cheese. I freaking love grilled cheese. I could eat it for every meal. But like, one grilled cheese is never enough to fill me up. It’s just cheese and bread. And butter. And I dip it in ketchup. So then I’m stuck with the dilemma of making a second grilled cheese which is like, a LOT of cheese, and maybe feeling like a slob… or eating something else which will be particularly more boring than grilled cheese.

4. Been living on the TLC pandora station right now and whoa, it’s fantastic. But I can’t help but wonder how I listened to that back in 6th and 7th grade. And I’d reallllllly like to know what I thought the red light special was.

5. Even better than TLC? When I was making my husband listen to it with me on Sunday, he suggested trying an En Vouge station. Ummmm… yes. Oh and I’ve totally been using my iPhone for workouts lately just so I can listen to Pandora and not my stale playlists. I love not knowing what is coming next. The only time it’s impossible is when I lift, and I guess I could stick it in my bra or something buuuuut I sweat like man.

6. 6 things you should never give up on – LOVE.

7. Okay, so two weekends ago before our big brunch? My husband was on the same flight as Calvin Borel – who, if you don’t know is a major Derby-winning jockey. To say this might have been the most exciting day of his life is an understandment. He ran in the door and said “I got a picture for your Tuesday Things!” Then I forgot to put the picture up last weekend and I’ve never seen him so crushed. Highlight of his life… right here.

8. I have learned in my new adventure of ice cream making that putting it in a non-normal ice cream container (like a loaf pan, which I used…) is… dangerous. Because you know what a pint and a quart look like. But when you sit on the couch and scrap ice cream on a spoon from a long 9x5ish rectangle, you have no idea how much you’re really eaten. And then… it’s lunch.

9. As someone who 1. hates to talk on the phone and 2. rarely has any time, I’m in love with this idea of the 5 minute phone call.

10. Know what I can’t STAND right now? Those back to school Target commercials. OMG. There are two with men and one with a woman and they all make up these super annoying songs. Gahhhh. The only reason I am semi-happy the Olympics are over is because my TV won’t be on as much and I won’t have to hear those commercials every five seconds.

11. I got a new computer over the weekend, the first I’ve ever bought since I started blogging. And well… I’m sort of having this issue with my old computer. Like I’m mourning it. Like I can’t handle the change and am having a very hard time not using the old computer. Not because of technological differences but because of… emotional distress. I’m a wreck.

12. OH MY GOSH. Last Tuesday evening my dad and I were sitting outside, across from each other waiting to pick up my mom and aunt at the airport. Mid-conversation, my sunglasses just totally snapped in half right on my face. Right in half. Right on MY FACE. I didn’t touch them, wasn’t moving, wasn’t doing a thing. They just… snapped. Apparently it was pretty hilarious because my dad could not stop laughing.

13. Oh boy. I desperately need this: 10 ways to be less awkward. Fab.

14. One of my all-time fave pictures of face baby, right here. Just look at that. You gotta smile.