1. I posted this picture to Instagram + Twitter and had a bunch of you ask for the recipe. Well here it is: ask your mom to open up a box of fudge brownies, bake them in a small pan so they are really thick, then frost them with some canned triple chip chocolate fudge frosting. Cool? Cool.

2. These cookies. OMG… these cookies. I ate them out of Jenna’s purse and they were at least two days old, and they were STILL so.freaking.chewy. I don’t even like almond butter people. These cookies are a big deal. AND HEALTHY!

3. If you even saw my kitchen right now you would totally lose your mind. I’m not even joking. Like I don’t even know where to start. I am actually SCARED of my kitchen right now. I’m staring at it from a distance willing it to clean itself. That’s like osmosis or something, right? Hmmm… maybe I’ve been out of high school science too long. Haaaaalp.

4. Um… hello dogs. I can’t get enough of these dogs. I look at this picture on my phone about ten times a day. Do I need a life? They were in our hotel lobby in Oregon one evening and I just about died. I seriously had to refrain from screaming THEY’RE SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIEEEEEE! Because I almost did. I have no idea what they are, but they are 1. huge 2. I guess some sort of sheepdog? and 3. twins. Well, I’m saying they’re twins. Whatever. They came up past my belly button! Their names were Puff and Poppy. OMG. I know… just stop.

5. Obsessed with this song. Have been for weeks. Have had it on repeat about 80 times today.

6. Within the last week I’ve discovered the beauty that is SMOKED blue cheese. Yes I ate it inside a chocolate truffle.Yes I shipped six wedges home ACROSS THE COUNTRY. And next, I’m going to eat it on these peaches. I.can’t.wait.

7. Speaking of Twitter way up there… help me please. Once I got my new computer and installed Tweetdeck (for Twitter, which I’ve used since 2009 and have been obsessed with)… I decided it sucked. It’s totally different than my 2009 version (um duh?) and I can’t reply to multiple tweets at once. It’s ruining my life. If you have tweeted me, I’m not ignoring you. I’m just and old grandma that can’t figure this out. So what’s your favorite Twitter thing for the computer? Not an app… not your phone… the old school computer. Go!

8. Uh, you know how I always talk about the things I loved as a tween (or… still love as an immature adult) like caboodles and nano pets and stuff like that? Can you even IMAGINE if I had a cake pop set? Ugh. My brain just exploded.

9. Only a few more months to live this up… 10 reasons why people hate 20 somethings. Stop hatin’ on me! Well, at least until November when my fun life REALLY begins. (At least that’s what I hear. Don’t burst the bubble.) P.S. I also think this was secretly written about me… um, especially #1.

10. My husband was so excited for me to come home on Saturday that he planned a whole little date night… and then I fell asleep on the couch for three hours. And apparently then I hogged the bed, and he said I’m like sleeping with a blast furnace because I radiate so much heat. Guys… I am never cold. Like EVER. That makes me like… not even a girl or something.

11. Yeah yeah… I’m excited for Fall, but what I’m most excited about is ummmm Fall-scented candles. You know that episode of Sex and the City where Samantha claims that ladies with candles are becoming the new ladies with cats? Yeeeeeah…

12. My husband is back on Twitter. I’m not responsible for any of this. And I bet I’m gonna regret it.