1. I think one of the highlights of my summer occurred yesterday when I made crescent roll wrapped hot dogs. I hate to say it but this pan was devoured. Okay, actually I love saying it.

2. I had quite the instagram binge over the weekend. Why is it so fun? It’s most definitely my favorite form of stalker… errr, I mean social… media.

3. Today is an exciting day because my friend Jenna’s book comes out! A few months ago when I returned home from vacation, the book was waiting in my mailbox and I dropped everything… like seriously, everything… and read the thing cover to cover. It’s a must read. Just do it.

4. Speaking of friends, I can’t get enough of this post Kristen wrote about best friends. Totally heart melting. And coming from someone who never had a ton of close friends growing up (because I miiiiight have been a impossible-to-get-along-with-i’m-always-right little snot ’til I was about, oh… 24 years old), I just lovelovelove it.

5. Freaking out over this perfect tutorial for coconut whipped cream. so coconutty! so creamy! so whipped!

6. After a giant recipe fail last week that involved buffalo chicken, I made some homemade french bread buffalo chicken pizzas with the remains and then topped them with jalapeños because I didn’t think I’d eat them. Then I couldn’t stop eating any, and I seriously thought I was going to start breathing fire. I was SWEATING, it was sososo hot. I have no tolerance for spice. I cried for 24 hours.

7. Alright. We know I don’t like coffee, but yada yada yada I still get some because I like to be cool. I vote Dunkin for the pumpkin spice win. Have since last year. And now that I’ve had two since Thursday, I’m set for the season.

That’s about as much as I can drink before being like ugh! take this coffee away from me!

8. Oh guess what! I am going to go broke this month because Ulta is having another 21 days of beauty. You can thank me later… or not. We’ll discuss at another time.

9. These people who created those Snapea Crisps? They live in a house of lies. No way that there are three servings in one bag… more like one serving. Or even half a serving.

10. Um my herbs? The ones I worked so hard to plant and then watched die a slow death? They’ve… returned. I haven’t watered them for weeks or even looked at them… and all of a sudden, boom I have herbs! Maybe they didn’t like my face?

11. If you read this blog, you may know that I have a, uh… small, teeny… tiny obsession… with Dawson’s Creek. So yeah… this made my life. Printing it out.

12. My brain is exploding with anticipation of all the new fun fall TV that’s returning… Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, Dexter… just give me a couch and call me a potato.

13. Oh and I also discovered the addiction that is HBO GO on my iPad, which basically means I’ve been glued to my iPad since last week. Somebody get me hobby. No really.