1. Uh, I have yet to turn on the heat in this house and it is FREEZING. It’s like 51 degrees in here currently. But I’m holding out hope that it’s not going to stay this cool for much longer, and you know, I looooathe being hot. However, do you know how cold it is? It’s so cold that the butter I set out last night to soften? Um, not softening. Like barely at all. It’s ridiculous. Also reminds me of the year my husband and I started dating and he and his friend had a competition to see who could last the longest without turning on the heat. Talk about a nightmare.

2. I’ve been having a major freakout over this cake since last night. Ugh. So gorgeous! So delicious! So chocolatey. I gotta make it happen.

3. Today I almost did something horrifying. Which reminded me of the time a few years ago when I actually did said horrifying thing. I came out of the gym, went to my car, and got inside. Only to realize that IT WASN’T MY CAR. It was the exact same make, same color, same everything until I got inside and it had a window ornament and reeked of cigarette smoke. I almost died. I also have done something similar multiple times, like grabbing on the door handle and wondering OMG why won’t the door open, I’m hitting “unlock!”… only to realize again it wasn’t my car.  But only once was the car unlocked and did I get inside. What does this say about me?

4. Hello. Is this even serious? I don’t think I will ever be able to “x” out of that window. Ever. EVER.

5. My husband is obsessed with Adele’s new James Bond song, Skyfall, which isn’t totally surprising since he’d like to be BFFs with Daniel Craig and is a huge Bond fan. Except that it is really surprising because now I have caught him listening to other Adele songs two more times, which is huge since last year he looked at me and was like “why do you like these ah-deel-lee songs. who the heck is ah-dee-lee. is it some rapper? this stuff is terrible.” I am so not making that up.

6. Since he loves Bond stuff so much, it makes me wish it was easier to splurge on this perfume I’ve been obsessing about for six months or so. I haven’t found a new perfume I love in ages, and while I adore my favorites, I am craving something new. Mostly out of boredom. There is just NO WAY I can justify the cost of that perfume. I mean, who (or what) do I think I am?

7. I want to marry this season. Like the season of autumn. The month of October. Could I BE any more irritating?

8. Obviously, I’m back on a Friends binge at night. Like it’s stopping me from sleeping. Like I’m getting 4-5 hours a night. Like I basically am a walking zombie.

9. If you watch Homeland, you may agree with me and be dying a little over Seth Meyer’s most recent tweet. If you don’t watch Homeland, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? No, just kidding. I don’t mean it. My husband refuses to watch it because he can’t take Claire Danes’ mental breakdowns… aka her AMAZING ACTING. Can you tell this is sort of a touchy subject in our house?

10. With less than 30 days until I turn 30, let’s discuss the 32 best things about being an adult. #1 has definitely always been on my mind. Seriously. That might have been the first thing I did when I could 1. drive and 2. live on my own. Oh and while we’re at it, how true are these 32 embarrassing things you do when you live alone? I don’t live alone per se, but my husband spends such a good chunk of time on the road that I basically do live alone. I can totally concur.

11. Finally, just follow your dreams. I know it’s annoying and hard, but you should probably do it anyway.