1. I think we can all agree that it’s the season where you have to slightly bundle up due to chilly weather, only to get in your car which was probably sitting in the sun and therefore is a FREAKING OVEN, leading you to blast the AC on high and learn how to strip and drive. Right?

2. Speaking of chilly temps, please tell me I’m not the only one who, the minute someone says “brrr,” replies with “it’s cold in here… there must be some torros in the atmosphere!”

3. Say hello to my dinner this week: pumpkin + fried sage flatbreads. I know RIGHT. Uh, and I would be forever grateful to someone for showing up on my doorstep with this. Not even sure what I’d do, but it would be huge.

4. I have a serious question. Do the producers of Dancing with the Stars really think that anyone is going to want to watch after this season, when the dancing is incredible and they are allowing all these crazy tricks? Because they are going to have to knock it out of the park for me to care after this. Oh and PS: given my love for the 90s, I think this dance was made for me. Also: that song comes on all the time during my workouts. Embarrassing.

5. I would absolutely love to carve a pumpkin, but this happens every year and it should come as no surprise that I just do not have the patience. I think it sounds so fun and we lay newspaper down on the kitchen floor and about four minutes in I want to quit. I still hate crafts, by the way.

6. So… I never really liked donuts. I mean, I did… but I just didn’t care about them that much? I could take ’em or leave ’em. But now all of a sudden I am obsessed with donuts. Like I want to eat them everyday. This is not a good problem to have. Don’t your tastebuds change a few times during the course of your life? Maybe mine are developing more donut buds?

7. Speaking of things I freakishly love, I realized last night that there has been a serious lack of bacon recipes in these parts lately. I don’t know why, except for the fact that I’ve been cooking a lot for myself lately and forgetting about bacon or something? I don’t know. But whatever, I remedied that problem today. Heavily.

8. If it weren’t for bacon, I could probably become a vegetarian who doesn’t eat many vegetables. Oh wait… but what about roasted chicken? And especially, roasted chicken skin? Oh and pulled pork? Never mind.

9. For a giggle… reasons to be wearing Uggs in 2012. Seriously. That post is like angels singing.

10. Okay, seriously, does there REALLY have to be a horror movie commercial on like every five minutes? It’s killing me. No, really, it is. Like literally. Because every time one comes on, I either almost have a heart attack because I’m so scared or accidentally punch myself in the face because I’m throwing everything around searching for the remote in order to change the channel as quickly as possible. I’m gonna lose an eye doing that one of these nights.

11. You know how a few weeks ago I mentioned that my husband had started drinking wine? Well he told me over the weekend that he doesn’t have a desire to listen to country music… like, at all. I honestly think he has been abducted by aliens.