1. How much longer can I get away with posting boring pictures of trees? I hope forever. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed fall this much, it’s like the colors have been changing for weeks but not dropping from the trees. My heart might explode. Right about now I’m wishing I was back in first grade when I had to do a leaf project that I waited to do until the last minute and then through a major tantrum about.

2. I have to say that the best part about Grey’s Anatomy lately is that Mr. Feeny is on… and that he is still doling out words of wisdom like he was in his Boy Meets World days. I relied on a lot of that advice. Heavily.

3. Let me tell you a little story. I grew up never eating salad. I mean, NEVER. Obviously, I blame pretty much everything in my life on that fact. Then one day, I had a caesar salad. It made salad doable for me, even if it did need atrocious amounts of cheese and croutons. I mean, I like a little salad with my cheese and bread, if you get my drift. Soooo… grilled pumpkin caesar salads? I’m so infatuated with it I’m starting a club. No really.

4. My husband and I ate an entire pizza one afternoon last weekend and thought we were going to die. I think as I hit 30 it should become important for me to not continue to eat like a man. I mean, do I need to be a lady or something?

5. Speaking of mistakes, 32 mistakes we’re all going to make… my personal favorite is #10. Right? “Because of… reasons.”

6. And speaking of ladies, I think I’ve mentioned this before, but in my old age I have to say that I absolutely loooooooathe when somebody calls me a “lady.” Like when the four year old in the grocery store points to me and says “mom, why is that lady buying a lot of ice cream?” Hello. I’m going to go curl up and die now. And scream I’M NOT A LADY! WHAT DON’T YOU GET ABOUT IT? I don’t need your judgement, young child.

7. Last night I was desperately searching for the hummus in my fridge and after losing patience and not finding it, I grabbed the tortilla chips I wanted and there… was the hummus. Sitting right next to the tortilla chips. Like, not refrigerated. Like, placed back there from the last time I ate the snack. Apparently I’m losing my mind. Oh and I also discovered month-old turkey meatballs in the fridge that I thought my husband had consumed. I thought wrong. Not a good thing.

8. I have been totally flipping over these marshmallows since yesterday. Um, don’t they just scream ME?!

9. Alright, I just can’t take it because I sit inside my house and laugh hysterically at this list of 40 ways to stay fat forever… almost every single day. I need to get out more?

10. I meant to share this before, but I found this bad lip reading video of the first debate lightly hysterical. Is that inappropriate? Oh well. If so, watch this video that my brother’s school made for their homecoming week. Like the teachers made it. Like some teachers that I had. You know when you have that really-funny-but-want-to-die-because-you’re-so-uncomfortable feeling? Yeah. If you don’t know what I mean, just go watch an episode of Girls. Heck, watch a few clips of Girls. And wait, when did teachers get younger than me? Clearly having a huge breakdown this week.

11. Why is every Ryan Gosling movie so perfect… even when it isn’t?

12. What is your favorite place to eat in NYC? Yes, I’ve been there multiple times but I’d like to eat my entire way through this trip. Like… that’s all I do. I’m sure I’ll just be delightful when I return home.