1. One should probably not plan to develop three bourbon cocktails on a Monday for their job. At 10:00 in the morning. When they are home alone all day.

2. If you’ve been reading for awhile you know that one of my favorite movies of all time is It’s Complicated and I’ve probably talked about it in like 20 different Tuesday things posts. Well, I watched it again this past weekend. I want to live inside that movie. Why a 30-year old wants to be a 50-something divorcee that is having an affair with her ex-husband… I have no idea. Totally lost on me. I’m a mess.

3. Best thing I’ve read recently: finding the time to do the things you want by one of my favorite writers ever.

4. I want Derek Hough to choreograph my life.

5. You know I get intense blog crushes but we need to talk about Bev. That girl comes up with the most amazing savory meals ever and does it like every single day. I make about three things from her blog weekly and that is no lie.

6. So it looks like the Boy Meets World sequel that we talked about a few weeks ago is happening for sure. My preteen heart just exploded. In honor of that, here are 25 unknown things about  the show. Mr. Feeny for life.

7. We saw Skyfall over the weekend and for a girl who is the quintessential cliché of chick flicks and trash TV, I freaking loved it. It was so good. I didn’t even fall asleep like I did in Casino Royale. Additionally, there is one thing my husband loves more than eating chocolate chip cookies over the kitchen sink and bingeing on Diet Coke. And that thing is Daniel Craig. Not a problem for me…

8. Have you seen the new Griswold Old Navy commercial? Eeeeeek! Considering the entire month of December I tend to speak in Christmas Vacation quotes (yeah I’m really annoying), this made my life. Also, if you’re within five inches of me your name is Clark.

9. Wait… did Ryan Gosling really get looked over for the sexiest man again? I don’t even know if I can live in this world anymore. More importantly, if one is over the age of 35 and if one has never seen The Notebook or Crazy Stupid Love, does one really even care about him? I think about very important things all day long.

10. I have not bought one single Christmas gift yet. I don’t even have any ideas. Oh, except for things for myself. Of course. I’m swimming in anxiety up to my eyeballs.

11. I’m so very sure that this was written about my life: 24 reasons you’re not ready to have kids yet. Hello #21. I think that was literally ripped from my brain. Also see: 23 reasons food is better than love. OMG. I’m a super passionate person but uh, just… yes. Definitely did my share of laughing out loud there.