1. Resolutions smesolutions. That hot dog was fantastic.

2. Friends! What have you been doing the last two weeks? We haven’t talked in forever. I did a bunch of… nothing. Oh except on New Year’s Ever I decided not to be a recluse and had the most amazing meal ever at Bar Marco. No seriously. The pork belly and sauerkraut pierogi is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Ever ever.

3. I’ve also been sporting the neon-est (is that a word?) pink lipstick I can find. Everyday. Oh and I found one of my posts from July titled “summertime girls are the kind I like.” I’m humiliating.

4. I decided that 2013 was the year I wanted to simplify, well… everything in my life. Then I bought three pairs of boots. They were on sale. (File that under *the lies we tell ourselves.*)

5. I’m about ten seconds away from framing every single one of these photos. So bright! So fun! It’s like they were taken just for me. Oh I sort of want to eat that too.

6. Can I tell you who I’ve been fascinated with for the last 6 months? I mean I know I always tell you what an embarrassment my iTunes library is (no really… hello barry manilow, kenny loggins and obviously james taylor), but things are looking up. Actually if we are in the real circle of trust I can tell you I’ve been freaking out over Jarrod Spector (like you-tube stalking type freaking out) since I saw him in Jersey Boys over two years ago… and now he has his own album. And the minute it went on iTunes, I bought it and have been blasting it ever since. And I am totally serious. Also very annoying to anyone within a one mile radius.

7. Um who is FREAKING THE HECK out that Girls comes back on Sunday night? I’m already harboring massive secondhand embarrassment. Right? I watched a few reruns this week and just had to shield my eyes. What a perfect mess.

8. Oh yes and you have to see what Regina George’s hacked-into laptop looks like. OMGGGGGG. Stop.

9. I had a serious brain malfunction yesterday and couldn’t think of one single thing to do with the five pounds of chicken dying in my fridge (yeah I’m aware that sounds so horrific but whatever) so I asked you all on Facebook and… holy crap. It’s like the new chicken recipe hub. I think I have dinner ideas for the next six months.

10. Finally broke down and got Netflix, and yes, I know you’ve been telling me to do this for like, two years, but I did it. Finally. And now my life is a constant stream of Pacey Witter, Pacey Witter and Pacey Witter.

11. 29 ways to make 2013 better. Add “eating hot dogs” to the list. I’m serious.