Hi hi. I have so much to tell you about my that brain might explode.

February Beauty Favorites I howsweeteats.com

How can I have this many favorites when I had so many last month? Right? I know that’s what you’re thinking. Because it’s what I’m thinking too. It’s nuts. BUT. Even though I’m still using and adoring all of the things I mentioned last month (particularly this perfume, this blow dry spray, and this lip butter), I have more to chat with you about. Yesss.

kate spade makeup case I howsweeteats.com

First up is this makeup bag I got during one of the Kate Spade sample sales. Not only was it on sale but I also had 20% off, which means it was basically free. (<– girl math.) It also came with another smaller bag inside one of the sections, so it was essentially two bags in one. I absolutely love it. Of course they no longer have this pattern or even the same style currently on sale, but this is a similar one if you want to keep you eyes peeled or splurge. This is the first makeup bag I’ve actually purchased, aside from a train case at Ulta over ten years ago and a cheap knock-off missoni bag from Target when they did that collab. Normally, I would just steal those free gift bags from my mom. No more!

olay sensitive skin wipes I howsweeteats.com

Next up: these Olay wipes. Okay, I know I’m sort of contradicting myself since last month I talked about the Yes to Grapefruit wipes, but after finishing that pack off, I can say with full confidence that these Olay sensitive skin ones are my favorite. My cousin introduced me to them, and trust me when I say, I’ve tried almost allll the makeup wipes on the market. These are so soft and feel incredible on my skin. I’ve gone through multiple packs and continue to go back to these – they are by far the best for me. Not only will I use them to remove my makeup, but I also use them right after a workout or after yoga if I don’t get to shower/wash my face immediately. They just feel so fabulous on my face.

burt's bees blemish stick I howsweeteats.com

One more skincare related item: this Burt’s Bees blemish stick. This… is magical. I am lucky that I’ve never really suffered from breakouts, but on the occasion that I have something going on, this is a miracle product for me. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic, but as you can see, I’ve used nearly the entire thing up. It’s one of those products that I’ve put on my face the night before only to wake up and have the issue be GONE. That has never happened to me. It doesn’t happen all the time, but I really love this stuff and it’s the only product I use if an issue arises.

MAC BB cream, tarte BB moisturizer, loreal lumi primer I howsweeteats.com

Face things! Last month I didn’t mention any foundations or tinted moisturizers, and the reason behind that is because I haaaaate wearing stuff on my face. The last few years I’ve worn tinted moisturizer consistently, but it is so hard for me to get on the foundation train. I will admit – I purchased a YSL foundation back in November and have used it off and on. Perhaps I will discuss it next month. I still prefer to have something light on my face. With that being said, I’ve exhausted practically all the BB creams out there in search for my perfect one. My thoughts? I think BB creams are a load of crap. In America, they are basically just tinted moisturizer being touted as BB creams. No good. If you want a tinter moisturizer, awesome! If you want something more, you’re screwed. That’s my opinion.

Here is what I’ve found in my search that I love though: this MAC BB cream. I’ve been using this since last summer and it is a winner in my book. It is nothing like a tinted moisturizer – it is much thicker, dense and pigmented. I put it on right after moisturizer which I think is the best bet as it can be a bit drying – but with moisturizer under it, it isn’t at all. It is the fullest coverage BB cream I’ve found, and luckily the lightest shade matches me well.

Next: tarte BB tinted moisturizer. Love this! It’s not quite as thick as the MAC one, but it works very well for me and covers/evens things out enough. It gives a bit of a glowy complexion, which you know I love. And speaking of that, the loreal lumi primer above? I don’t use it as a primer, but instead I mix a few drops with either of those BB creams. It’s not sparkly but it’s definitely luminous. I love the glow!

maybelline dream lumi concealer I howsweeteats.com

I am also loving these maybelline dream lumi concealers. They haven’t fully replaced the ones I talked about last month, but these are almost just as great. I have the lightest shade and the pink one (you know I love the pink highlights) and they are awesome. Dare I say that I like these better than my YSL touche eclat pen? I think I do. And they are much cheaper.

batiste dry shampoo, summer hair I howsweeteats.com

Let’s sidetrack briefly to discuss hair things. Batiste dry shampoo is my favorite brand and it’s also fairly cheap. It gives my hair a crapton of volume. And yes, I have tried the version for brown hair but guess what? I hated it. It’s like it flakes in my hair or something? After using it, I find little brown flakes on my face all day long. Very annoying. I just use this one which is white, but once it sets and I rub my scalp a thousand times? We’re good to go.

This fekkai summer hair is something I’ve discussed on my blog for years. I.freaking.love.this. It gives my hair some beachy waves and is a necessity if I don’t feel like blow drying and want that tousled look. I think this is only available in the summer months, but since our universe puts stuff out six months early, I’m sure you can find it soon at Ulta or something. Over the years a few of you have also mentioned the bumble & bumble surf spray and asked if I’ve tried it. I got a small bottle at Sephora recently but have only used it once. My first impression is that I don’t love it as much, but after I use it consistently I’ll let you know. Cool? Cool.

macadamia oil deep repair hair masque I howsweeteats.com

THIS conditioner. ohhhhmahhhhgawwwwwsh. I love this junk. I only use it once a week or every other week, but it makes my hair feel insane. In a good way. Like super silky and soft. Before you crucify me for purchasing the little packets (I think they are $4 a piece at Ulta, a little cheaper on amazon) instead of the large jar (which is like $35, ooomph), hear me out. I have a consumption problem and if I buy that large jar, I will probably end up using way too much and blowing through it quickly. These packets and the perfect amount for my hair. If you have short or even fine hair, you can probably get two uses from this packet. I love that it’s pre-portioned for jerks like me.

hand + nails I howsweeteats.com

Another sidebar: hand things! First up, this Laura Mercier hand cream. OMG. Um, I am obsessed with this entire line of bath and body stuff, but it is ridiculously priced. I can justify a $50 lipstick that will last forever but not a body cream that will disappear into my skin. Riddle me that. Regardless, when I use this pistachio hand cream I want to eat it. It’s delicious.

My favorite nighttime hand cream is this aveeno skin relief. I’ve been using it for years and while it’s definitely thick (hence why I use it at night), it is completely renewing. One use and my hands feel incredible. This is one of my essentials every single night, along with…

These cuticle oils. Where have these been all my life? I am telling you – using these a few times a day have changed my hands. I initially started with the solar oil (which I adore), then went to purchase a second bottle and they were out. I ended up with the apricot essie oil and while I like it, it just doesn’t seem quite as moisturizing as the solar oil. I keep one in my house and one in my purse. I use them constantly. They make your nails manicure-caliber with daily use. And I am someone who doesn’t like the feel of hand cream. That is why I like these oils that you can brush on as opposed to a cuticle cream that gets all over your fingers. Seriously… start using these. Love.

Oh and that polish is the color I’m currently dying over. It’s called pacific blue.

urban decay sin, maybelline color tattoo inked in pink I howsweeteats.com

Now my favorite face stuff: eyes! The shade on the left is Sellout by Urban Decay. This has been my all-over lid shade for probably… five years or more? I bet I’m on my sixth or seventh one, which is huge. It’s what I put on underneath any shadow and what I put on if I want to wear nothing but mascara. I love this color and it works on me. Remember though: I’m very pale.

The next color is one of my new go-to’s. Holy cow, I LOVE this. These maybelline color tattoos are pretty cool, and I’ve never been a fan of any kind of cream shadow. I think I’m just so hooked on this color, which is inked in pink. It is definitely pink too, but not too much. I will wear it alone over a primer (and it doesn’t crease) or even under Sellout and that lightens the pink a little more. I really adore it. I have always found pinks to be tough to wear, so it definitely depends on your skin tone and eye color. If you try it, be sure to purchase it somewhere that accepts returns if it doesn’t work out for you.

urban decay naked 2 palette I howsweeteats.com

Yes, that is the urban decay naked 2 palette, and no, I’m not going to tell you how much I love the entire thing. I do like it – I chose naked 2 over naked 1 because it has more cool tones and I definitely have cool undertones. However, I’m just not very into neutrals and prefer to wear outrageous colors on my lids that cause people to make fun of me. It is how it is.

BUT. While I do really like all of the colors in the palette, I am loving tease. It is a light brown shade and really neutral enough to use and make it look like you’re wearing nothing. I enjoy it. You can buy it separately too – you don’t need the whole palette.

laura mercier gel liners I howsweeteats.com

Even though last month I told you about my love affair with the urban decay 24/7 liners, I’ve been using some gel/cream liners too. I think they are easier to use for a winged liner look and yes… I will do a winged liner with those blue and purple shades up there. So embarrassing. I just love these laura mercier ones. They are “wetter” than most (I use a black maybelline one and it’s much thicker and drier) but once they dry, they’re perfect.

NYX liners // milani liners I howsweeteats.com

In addition to my urban decay loves, I’ve also been using a few of these NYX eyeliners over the last couple months because they are cheap and the crayon is thinner, which I find easier to use. They don’t replace my faves, but I really, really like them. And yes, that pink one is an eyeliner. I told you I’m a freak.

The ones on the left are by milani and even though I’ve loathed any kind of liquid eyeliner my entire life, these sparkly, fun colors were too fun to pass up. Plus, the tip is like a felt pen so it doesn’t seem like a traditional liquid liner. Don’t worry, when I wear these I make sure to not have too much else going on. Promise I don’t look like a clown. I think.

laura mercier shell brightener I howsweeteats.com

This is a product I’ve been freaking out over for mooooonths. First off, I’ve had this trish mcevoy brightening pencil in shell for maybe six months and use it a ton – and it lasts forever. I’ve never sharpened it, it’s just a shorter pencil. Anyway – it’s a light pink highlighting pencil and I use it to line my lower waterline. It makes your eyes POP. And let me just say – I never put one single thing on my waterline. EVER. Besides this. I have never put black liner on my waterline and don’t think I will start. I wear contacts and have pretty sensitive eyes, and that just seems like a recipe for disaster.

However, this is a very “soft” pencil and doesn’t irritate the area at all. I pretty much use this every time I do my makeup and it is a game changer. Flipping love.

YSL cream blush I howsweeteats.com

Speaking of looking like a clown…

No, this blush does NOT appear to be that shade on your face. I have notoriously hated cream blushes because, well… I do feel like I always look like a clown. This one is different though. It’s a YSL cream blush and I use a little stippling brush to put it on. I literally only dip it in the blush very lightly once or twice. It gives such a pretty flush on the cheeks. I doubt I will be a cream blush convert anytime soon, but I would definitely purchase more of these shades.

estee lauder blush in tease I howsweeteats.com

Last month I told you about my fanatical obsession with tarte amazonian clay blushes, and trust me, it’s still in full force. One of the reasons I love them so much is because most of the shades are matte, which are essential to my well being since my eye makeup often makes me look like a drag queen. However, in some instances when I don’t play up my eyes, I like a shimmery blush. And this estee lauder gelee blush is my go-to. It is so, so pretty. I think it’s one of my most favorite products that I own. It is a different consistency – not a powder but not a cream – and I have used it so much yet you can barely tell. I think this stuff will (thankfully) last forever.

NYX butter gloss I howsweeteats.com

Now on to lips!

These NYX butter glosses? gahhhh. Love them. Even though last month I discussed my recent love of lipstick, I am still a gloss girl at heart. These are sheer but give a hint of color and feel so great on the lips. Honestly, I never pay attention to wear time, so I can’t really say how long they last. I’m someone who doesn’t mind reapplying lip stuff. The colors I have been loving are eclair (on the left) and peaches and cream (on the right). The latter is much more “coral-y” than peach.

MOX lip butter I howsweeteats.com

I have been adoring this mox botanicals lip butter for months. This is a product that I actually received a small sample of in my birchbox (in pomegranate) and loved so much that once I used it up, purchased this flavor. As for birchbox – this is one of the questions I get asked so often. Do I get it? Yes. Do I like it? Ehhhh… not really. I don’t know, I just don’t really love the samples I get? I have my preferences listed, but never get anything good. I feel like everyone else always gets cooler things. Oh well. The grass is always greener, right? Once my year is up, I probably will not subscribe again. Should I do glossybox? I want to.

Anyhoo – this lip balm is amazing. I mentioned it on instagram a few months ago and use it every single day, no fail.

maybelline shocking coral I howsweeteats.com

My love for all things coral is blowing up this month, and this lipstick is at the top of the list. It’s part of the maybelline vivids collection and is in shocking coral. It’s so pretty. I like wearing it with aqua eye makeup.

I am forever a tween.

hourglass lipgloss in fortune I howsweeteats.com

Last lip product – I actually wanted to mention this last month in my favorites but was too lazy to get it out of my purse and photograph it. Real life right there my friends. Anyway – this was my first time trying anything by hourglass and oh my gosh, this lip gloss is gorgeous. The color is called fortune. I love how it feels on my lips. I use it as a more “fancy” lipgloss than the butter glosses above. I love the shade, ugh… I just love everything about it. I want to try more Hourglass products – particularly that mineral veil primer. Has anyone tried it? Thoughts?

February Beauty Favorites I howsweeteats.com

Annnnd that’s a wrap. What’s sad is that I already have a bunch of other things in mind that I want to tell you about. How can I wait for a month? Wah! I’m so impatient. PUHLEASE tell me what you’re loving this month. I like being bad examples together.