1. I am dyyyyyying to make this chocolate stout beer. I would never have the patience but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

2. Want to know something weird? You guys know I’m a lover of fiction but I hate when technology like Facebook is written in. Why? I’m so dumb. I mean, I’m pretty sure the Fbook (feel free to replace “face” with your other favorite f word) is around to stay. Maybe because I just wish it would disappear forever? That would be lovely.

3. I think we are going to see the Oz movie tonight. Was it terrible? I have a major girl crush on Rachel Weisz. Which is odd because my husband has a major guy crush on Daniel Craig. Our crushes got married! That’s annoying.

4. My mind is blown over this blueberry maple ice cream soda. I would have never come up with such a fab idea. I want her brain.

5. Is anyone else’s fascination with Justin Timberlake out of control? What is this, 1999? We should start a club.

6. We’ve come to that time of year again where I feel it necessary to announce how daylight savings has saved my life. It gives me, like, three extra hours to work and it is wonderful.

7. Oh! I broke down and got a pair of the wedge sneakers (in black). I’m pretty sure I look like a giant a-hole. I’m pretty sure my husband won’t ever be seen in public with me if I wear them. I’m pretty sure they have to go back. Wah. Actually, they are still sitting in the box and maybe if I play with them some more, I can figure out how to not look like a total tool? Probably not.

8. I lovedlovedloved this past episode of Girls, besides the fact that Hannah’s utter grossness is becoming a bit too much to handle. Her crazy ways are one thing and can be slightly relatable, but I don’t know anyone, nor have I ever, that is just that… gah-ross. Also: bone to pick. The whole Shoshanna and Ray thing? I don’t get it. One episode you’re saying you’re in love and the next you’re making out with someone else? So were you just throwing the word around? If you’re really falling in love everyone knows how amazing and fun and WOW that feeling is and the last thing you’re thinking of is making out with someone else, right? I’m so confused. And my secondhand embarrassment for Marnie was unreeeeal.

9. I am so, so insanely in love with Connie Britton (hence my obsession with Nashville) and last week a reader shared this with me: 16 reasons everyone loves Connie Britton. Obsessed. My personal favorite is probably #8 because uh, I hate being called a lady.

10. (Also, if you know me at all you know I’m anything BUT a lady. Unfortunately.)

11. Cadbury mini eggs will be the death of me. The end. Tell me something fun?