1. We are in the middle of a full blown war in this house because I am constantly hot and want the air conditioning on while my husband loves to be warm and would rather sit in his own sweat. Ew. I have to be in stealth mode every night and sneak downstairs and turn on the AC, then sneak back upstairs and turn on the ceiling fan to high after he falls sleep under our five layers of down comforters.

2. After watching the ACM’s on Sunday night, my iTunes account took a big hit. I still want to be best friends with Miranda Lambert and can I please somehow get an invite to this show or something? I think it’s my new dream. Nothing seems more fun. And Kelly Clarkson is still my spirit animal. HOW DOES SHE WRITE DOWN THE LYRICS IN MY HEAD?

3. I’m still hooked on listening to these audio books that I mentioned in my favorites post, but can I just say something? It really freaks me the heck out that multiple characters are read in the same voice. Yesterday I was listening to a book and a woman did a voice of a girl in her 30s, a man in his 60s and then the worst – a two year old child. OMG, the second hand embarrassment I felt. I don’t even know why. It made me so uncomfortable. I cannot get over this.

4. Since we’re nearing the middle of April (WHAT), I’m already anxious for beauty favorites and got so elated to see Cindy share some. Just when I thought I couldn’t love her more…

5. Oh speaking of iTunes, my life may be complete… I discovered a podcast that discusses Saved by the Bell – like episode by episode. April Richardson does it and it’s been the best thing about my last week. It is hilarious. And it’s called… wait for it… Go Bayside. Uh huh.

6. If you are an avid watcher of Girls and The Walking Dead, you might be in love with this article like I am. I also laughed pretty hard at the 33 most frustrating things about The Walking Dead. So true so true so true.

7. And since I’m in Homeland withdrawal (I caught a rerun on Saturday night and was up until 1am reliving it), I have to share these 16 life changing quotes by Saul. I mean, Mandy Patinkin. I mean Saul. I have a creepy kind of love for him.

8. Also, I’d like to change the spelling of withdrawal. What a horrible word to spell.

9. Even though my phone has somewhat “learned my language,” it corrects “gave” to “have” EVERY SINGLE TIME. It is seriously driving me insane. I actually threw my phone across the room earlier today because of it. You are not smart, phone.

10. What cute things are you buying for spring? It went straight from 30 degrees to about 75 here, but I’m sure it will snow next week. I’m still bingeing on mint. Oh and don’t you even think that will overtake my neon obsession that I went on and on (and on and on) about last year. I don’t care if that trend is over. It never will be here.