1. I debated on whether or not to go ahead with today’s Tuesday Things in light of the recent events in Boston. All my life I’ve WANTED to be a runner, but could never do it; until this last year where I’ve dabbled in it quite a bit. I don’t know if it’s that fact that made this disaster hit me hard, or that my cousin/best friend/life saver is in the final training stages for her own marathon or that my husband (which some of your might remember) used to run marathons and I’ve been a crowd spectator/supporter/shouter many times. As devastating as some of the more recent tragedies have been in our world, I sometimes find myself struggling to relate because I am so far removed from the situation or scenario that I just cannot imagine. If you have never considered yourself a runner or been to a marathon before, I think that Teri’s post perfectly describes how so many feel right now. Out of all the articles and information that has come forth in the last day, I found it to be the most well written, most raw, most comforting and truest. It’s real. I heart it. Read it.

2. You know how I’m obsessed with banana baked goods and all things s’mores? This is a freaking s’more made out of banana bread. What. My name. Written on it.

3. On Saturday I made a buffalo chicken pizza as I so often do, but I think I let it sit on the pizza peel too long. Because it wouldn’t budge when I tried to slide it on to the pizza stone in the hothothot oven, so it fell on to the oven floor. The 450 degree floor. The entire house was filled with smoke. However, I managed to save the pizza since food comes before my own life in this house.

4. Potato chip cupcakes have been on my list to make for some time now, so I just about lost it when I saw this salt ‘n vinegar chip topped chocolate cake. Want it. Need it.

5. I’m freaking out over these toys from the 80s & 90s. I totally forgot about fashion plates. I’m sort of ticked that mall madness didn’t make the list because that was THE BEST GAME EVER. In fact I am very tempted to scour my parents basement because I’m sure it’s still there. Wanna play?

6. I am way too invested in Nashville. It’s probably good there is not a new episode on tomorrow. I need a life.

7. Taking my burger obsession to a whole new level, I had a taco-rub burger with freaking tortilla chips on it over the weekend. You can bet that it’s being recreated immediately.

8. As your weekly bad influence, I feel that I must share than until the 21st you can get 15% off everything at Sephora with the code CHIC. I think you need to spend $25 to use the code, but man, that’s like practically free. Go ahead. Stimulate the economy.

9. I have been blowing through books lately. I’m talking like maybe three a week? Would you like to know about them? I definitely wouldn’t “review” them because I am a horrific critic, but I can at least tell you my thoughts. Even though I’m definitely chick lit for life, I’ve read a few non-mind numbing novels lately. Shocker.

10. This is not normally something I’d go for, but these roasted snap peas look so darn good to me. Maybe I’m turning over a new leaf. Probably not.

11. After a swift kick in the pants from many of you, I’ve stuck to updating my weekly menu at the bottom of the site. What are you having for dinner tonight? I get so bored. Wah.

12. Target spring and summer clothes. Ugh. I need to be put in Target jail.