1. These cupcakes? They are a VERY new and improved version (I only had to make them EIGHT TIMES to get it right) of my homemade funfetti ones and I took them to my grandpa’s 85th birthday party. That, along with a bottle of gin. I better be this easy to please in 50 years. Also: sprinkles for life.

2. I can hardly wait for this weekend. It’s going to be a mexican feast! I might add these dessert nachos!!!! to the list. I mean… if you know me… you might know that I sort of like fruit salsa… Forgive the overzealous exclamation points.

3. Last week I went to run some errands that would cause me to be gone from the house for about 2+ hours and halfway there, realized that I forgot my phone. My lifeline. My everything. I want to say it was freeing and fabulous, but really it just caused me extreme anxiety and I definitely reached for my phone no less than 15 times during my outing. I often wonder how my mom used to go the entire day without talking to my dad before cell phones existed. How was that ever a thing? Oh and eventually my dad got a large CAR PHONE. Let’s discuss.

4. In relation to above, these 27 middle class problems had me giggling.

5. My fellow TV-aholics might also enjoy the 27 stages of getting addicted to a show. There is, like, basically nothing on TV right now and I CAN’T STAND IT. And no, I don’t understand Mad Men. Besides that you are allowed to have cocktails at work (let’s do this) and all the hot men cheat on their wives. And is January Jones just wearing a fat suit now? Whatev.

6. Oh and speaking of TV, I know it’s making the rounds but if you are as obsessed with Nashville as I am (not sure if that’s possible), then you will probably adore the actual youtube channel of the daughters on the show. Who are sisters. And cute as pie. I can’t take it. I wish I could be a famous singer. Like, just wake up and be one.

7. A little over a year ago, our garbage disposal broke. This may or may not have been directly correlated with my husband throwing ENTIRE LEMONS AND BANANA PEELS down it. For someone who works with food constantly, this is a pretty huge thing, so in replacing it, we had the cadillac of garbage disposals installed. Seriously, my disposal probably costs more than the appliances in my kitchen combined. Anyway – this thing is scary. In over a year, I still fear it. It has completely mangled actual silverware. It has eaten plastic utensils. And yesterday, it crushed my favorite measuring spoon to bits.

8. Even though I hate baths (sitting in your own dirty water is not my thing and I have no patience for that), I do think that if I had a giant marble bathtub that I would start to love them. Now I’m sold on the idea of having one because I want to make these DIY bath bombs! They will make sitting in your own fifth more beautiful.

9. In case you missed it, I shared my beauty faves over the weekend. Why can’t every day be beauty faves day?

10. It’s officially walking weather here and well, I am a lover of walking. I like to think I inherited it from my dad who walks constantly. It’s just so beautiful outside and in my opinion, walking is the best stress reliever. Also, the best gossiping time too. (True.)

11. Can’t get enough of this song. Hootie, you are so cool.

12. This post may be riddled with typos because I just stuck my jalapeño-covered hands in my eyes AGAIN and have to go finish melting down. I will never learn. Don’t even bring up the gloves.