1. I can’t believe this thing is in my yard. I didn’t even plant herbs this year because of how I killed everything last year. This just popped up… after planting it and subsequently killing it last June. FUN.

2. You know how I’m in the middle of a weird salad obsession right now? Well – MY kind of salad. My definition of them. Anyhoo… I might sharing my daily salads on instagram. I use the term “salad” very loosely here.

3. This gooey chocolate coconut skillet cake? I die.

4. Speaking of, thoughts on instagram vids? UGH. I just feel like they are sort of ruining instagram. I never liked Vine… I almost wish they were a separate app or you could take them out of your feed or something but then I’d never use them and… WAH. whine whine whine. If I could make videos like Todd + Diane (diane’s insta vids are ridic), I’d be all over it.

5. Obviously, since I talk about my freaking love for the Sopranos on this blog constantly, I was devastated at the loss of James Gandolfini. Especially because I act like Tony Soprano is a real person. Like he’s really out there. Walking around. Living his life. Didn’t get shot in that diner. Guess we don’t get a movie now. Tears. I make it all about me.

6. I’m just gonna say it. I feel like True Blood is completely… unbelievable now. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, it’s not like it was believable before with vampires, but it was at least a little more… normal? Now it’s just crazy. Everyone is something and there are weird effects that almost look cheaply done. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been able to get into any sort of supernatural/vampire junk. Ugh. Depressed.#firstworldprobs

7. Best giggle ever: if kids tweeted about shows like adults do. Can’t even.

8. The invention of cleaning wipes have ruined my life and made me even more of an entitled brat and incompetent idiot when it comes to cleaning. Seriously, I have Clorox wipes, Windex wipes, wood wipes for dusting and even wipes for my face. What do you mean I need to get out a bucket and mop the kitchen floor? Isn’t there a wipe big enough for that?

9. A reader sent me this parody of Taylor Swift’s 22 last week and I thought my husband was going to die, because you know, he has the creepiest crush ever on her. I’m definitely not a TS hater but this is… pretty funny. If you are a 30-year old+ female, you must watch it.