this incredible tribute bridget did to her mom in cookie form. heart = mush.

how to make friends as an adult. amazing read.

the newest issue of foodiecrush magazine. so much freaking talent.

these cheese gougeres. my life is over.

this creamy avocado sorbet. ahhh!

these DIY maraschino cherries with amaretto. WHAAAAT.

this bacon mustard. i am a complete mustard FREAK. love it.

this strawberry tuxedo cake. the question is… do i have the patience?

this homemade sea salt beach wave spray for your hair. love!

this pizza. is it not the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen?

this cherry + dark chocolate grilled cheese. good gosh.

these boozy milkshakes. ummmm pretty sure we all know how I feel about those.

[I’m going to be sharing these posts once a week or every other week because I have so many things to freak out over. Leave any current links you’re loving!]