1. After google reader decided to go away for real and I determined that I really didn’t like anything else, a bunch of people told me about the old reader which umm… oh my gosh, I love. It’s practically identical to google reader. Awesome.

2. This chocolate chip cookies and cream ice cream. Can’t even. I don’t really love cookie dough ice cream so this is just perfect.

3. True life: I only instagram things when my life is interesting. Or when it seems interesting. It’s not. It’s all SMOKE AND MIRRORS.

4. I haven’t had a sprinkled ice cream cone in a few weeks. Depressing.

5. Last night I hit a new low in the meal department. I’ve had a sinus infection/cold for the last few days and you know how you can’t taste or smell anything and are just devoid of any appetite at all? I didn’t eat anything all day then had a bowl of brown rice krispies. But that wasn’t enough. I needed some chocolate. So I added heath toffee pieces. TO MY CEREAL.

6. I should just embrace #5 because you all know that the minute your appetite comes back after a cold you end up eating All The Things.

7. I’m absolutely loving this last season of Dexter already. So so much. Talk to me about it! Oh and I’m still iffy on my first true love, True Blood, but can we just agree that Jason MADE Sunday’s episode? He is so ridiculous.

8. What your 90s crush says about you? Soooo… what does it mean when you have crushes on all of those people? Because I pretty much do. I mean did.

9. Speaking of, I follow DJ Tanner on instagram and will forever be obsessed with her so I kind of died when she was posting photos with Kimmy Gibbler at the New Kids On The Block Concert. Like my inner 90s self just lost it. And buzzfeed made a post about it which just enabled me even more. Wait, do they have real names?

10. So I have 2-step verification turned on for my gmail which is annoying as heck but really wonderful in general, and I’m pretty sure there have been hacker attempts because: twice in the last two week I got a text in the middle of the night with my verification code. WEIRD. Someone was trying to hack me, right? I love you gmail.

11. I really want this chalkboard manicure set. Since I obviously need something like that. All I see is black! Neon! Chalkboard! See? Marketer’s dream.