1. It’s day 4 of vacation and tonight will be cone 4 of vacation. Working out every day on vacation = ice cream every day on vacation. I’m good at math.

2. I wish every week could be shark week. I like shark week. Except for the scary shark part.

3. Freaking s’mores marshmallows. Not marshmallows for s’mores – s’mores marshmallows. WHAT.

4. I’d like to personally thank the West Wing season 4 for getting me through one hellish day of travel last Friday. Also: James Taylor.

5. Speaking of travel, is it seriously necessary to still talk about smoking on planes? Do people still smoke in 2013? My mom smoked for years so I am super passionate about this subject and find nothing more disgusting. Okay, well maybe a few things. But really, people still think they can do it on an airplane? I just don’t geeeeet it.

6. I can’t even take these girls: white chocolate blueberry banana bread and goat cheese stuffed black bean sliders. I want to live inside their brains. I freaking love them.

7. Are these annoying yet? 34 reasons to make 90s girl feel old. Of course they aren’t. Because this one talks about Samantha the American Girl doll! I totally had her. (spoiler alert: I still do)

8. Eastbound + Down is coming back for a final season which is really like one big bonus because we thought the last season was the final season. Kenny Powers for life. Annnnnd I can’t talk about Dexter because I haven’t watched it yet. Shhhhhh.

9. I have such a pet peeve with road rage. Like, why bother having road rage? Why get worked up over something so miniscule? Says the person who passenger-seat-drove over 8 hours this weekend. Oops…

10. Thank you to all my fellow lunatics who alerted me to how joshua jackson basically IS pacey witter. (but better.)

11. I’m kind embarrassingly but not apologetically infatuated with these little sugar bomb beers. I hate that I like them so much.