1. How many sprinkles can one handle? That is the question. I was such an instagram [insert promiscuous, offensive word here] all last week annnnnnd I took about 2000 photos just on my iPhone. I have photos for days.

2. Note: corn husks don’t really, ah… “work” in the garbage disposal. I learned this earlier in the summer yet tried again – why I have no idea. Laziness, I suppose. The thing is that now I can no longer make fun of my husband for putting banana PEELS in the garbage disposal. Yeah. That was fun.

3. These parmesan zucchini sliders? They are dinner. Flipping over them.

4. Can I talk about TV for a hot second? First up, the Homeland trailer. Freaking out, secretly and not so secretly. Second, Dexter. Now I’m just sort of annoyed. With only a few episodes left I feel like they keep introducing new (but old) crap and just so much is going on and I’m confused and how will they wrap this up so I am satisfied? Third, I know I mentioned last Tuesday how much I love shark week, and well… I used to. But now? It was just, like, all shark week reality shows. What’s real and what’s fake? Come on people, I want to be scared out of my mind. And I’m still blowing through the West Wing. Can’t deal. I’m so invested in that show and feel like it’s real life and think the characters are my friends. I desperately need to get it together.

5. After, um, basically not unpacking my suitcase in June and living out of makeshift toiletry bags (read: ziplock) that sat on my stairs for 4 weeks, I immediately unpacked when I returned home on Sunday and now feel the need to do a giant closet purge. One can only have so many denim vests/jackets/token 80s pieces.

6. I definitely spent over 30 minutes studying this which ryan gosling character are you thing.

7. I’m in the midst of a naan obsession. Like I just want to eat everything on naan and dip naan into everything. Also going through a blueberry phase. I unapologetically have to say you will feel the brunt of this.

8. Remember when I talked about wanting the chalkboard nail set? Apparently Revlon is coming out with a version and well… it pretty much made my month.

9. Just going to put it out there: I am ready for things like apple cider scented candles and dark nail polish. Not going to give in though. Gonna live up the last few weeks of neon everything and everything fresh tomatoes. As a side note, why do I love tomatoes but not tomato sauce? Riddle me that.