1. My husband and I are on a huge grape kick. Like the fruit – no, not the flavor. I was always the kid that ate around every grape popsicle and left a pile of purple ice in the freezer. But he’s got me hooked on these grapes. I mean, yeah, I love fruit but I’ve never been this fanatical over grapes. I don’t love them in the freezer because food at extreme temperatures isn’t my thing. But right out of the fridge? Ugh, we are blowing through bags of grapes.

2. This cake. It must be in my life. The only person who may love sprinkles more than me. WHOA.

3. Uh, please tell me that you’ve seen the Girl’s SNL promo. It might be the best thing I watched all month. Seriously nailed it.

4. The last few months I’ve been trying to work my way out of my workout clothes rut – I live in them, because, well… I worked at a gym forever and now I work from home. Tips, tricks, books, help? PLEASE!

5. Speaking of shopping, remember years ago when outlets actually carried the previous years’ pieces and you could always count on getting something awesome? And now… it’s just the “factory” line instead of the awesome things you wanted but missed out on? Why?

6. Today, one of my closest friend’s book is coming out! You’ve probably seen me talk about Ashley’s doughnuts for years – she first brought me a batch when she visited in 2011? Her doughnuts are gluten free (with many vegan recipes!) and I LOVE THEM. Actually – they are what started my whole doughnut obsession, because before that I didn’t care for them. Her versions are baked and they are super easy. I make them for dessert, for parties, for everyone – and they fly off the plate.

7. You know the giant rubber ducky I’ve been moaning on and on about? Here’s a better look at it. Yes, this actually happened.

8. This. signs you’re an old person in a young person’s body. This has been me since, like, the age of ten. In thirty more years I’m totally screwed.

9. I’m in the midst of absolutely obsessing over fall and am trying to enjoy every second. One of our favorite things to do is take a long drive on the weekend and see all of the pretty leaves and trees and colors and… and… please see #8.