These nine west heels. I bought them over Labor Day with 40% off and lovelovelove them. The crystals are colored holographic set in rose gold so they really sparkle. So obnoxious.

Cheese boards! Still going nuts over cheese boards. On top of that, I’m dying over the cypress grove truffle tremor. Still loving humboldt fog. And OMG, these sweet and tangy peppers from delallo’s. Not sure if you can find those yet in stores, but I live five minutes from the store and well, it’s my grocery store. You can order them, I think. SO FLIPPING GOOD. We ate three jars in two days. Last week they gifted me two jars to try and this weekend I just bought four more. Best things ever. Insert embarrassed emoji here.

This faux leather sash belt from zara. I am freaking obsessed with this. I’ve worn it with so many things already. I’m also in love with all things leather right now. I love the clothing with the tiny leather details. Ugh.

For books… the fault in our stars. Recommended by Kristen and a bunch of you in the comments a few posts ago. I can’t even talk about it. And apparently it’s young adult fiction which I rarely go for. But it was great. I’m also going to read Nicholas Sparks’ new novel when I travel later this week.

My favorite breakfast slash snack from last year: toast with a layer of peanut butter, pumpkin or apple butter and microwaved frozen blueberries. So good.

Fall candles. It’s no secret that my favorite fall scent is leaves, but last year I fell in love with cider lane. This year, I already burned pumpkin apple and pumpkin carving and holy crap – they smelled incredible. I want to get another one, stat. You know that episode of Sex and the City where Samantha says “women with candles are replacing women with cats?” Yeah. That’s me.

Scarves! Even though it’s still warm, it cools down at night and my scarf infatuation is back with a vengeance. I forsee lots of scarf posts in the next few months.

Pistachio gelato. Well, just all things pistachio in general. They have been one of my go-to snacks this month. A big old handful.

Uh, so much TV. Dexter, Boardwalk, Nashville, Homeland (even though they both just began again)… still watching West Wing reruns. Can’t stop. I did actually watch the Breaking Bad finale last night even though I don’t watch the show. You guys always ask if I watch it – I don’t, my husband does. I tried to get into it and have probably watched more than 10 episodes total. I think it’s an incredible show, great writing, acting, etc (in fact, I love almost all AMC shows, it’s like baby HBO), but it’s just not my cup of tea. Probably not enough pink, romance, glitter and feel good fairytales. Just being honest. Perhaps at some point in my life I’ll love it more.

Everything royal blue. Or cobalt blue. I’m absolutely in love with wearing this color and I think it’s because my hair is dark and I just love the contrast. I want a royal blue coat so badly.

Dunkin iced pumpkin coffees. Yes, I went there. Though I’m having a heart attack because if I ordered it with cream or whole milk, the coffee comes out WHITE! They put some much in it that it ruins the flavor. So I ask for skim (blech) or half the cream they’d usually use. I’ve had one from Starbucks too, but prefer Dunkin.

This little love bracelet. Hello. I am forever 13 years old.