1. These are seriously the most insane waffle sandwiches I’ve ever seen. Love so much.

2. Yesterday I made a pie. And I didn’t lose it. Didn’t throw anything, including a plate or a tantrum. Remember when I attempted this THREE freaking years ago? Well I still used Mother Lovett’s recipe but this time… it worked.

3. This combo is my new favorite snack: plain yogurt, dark chocolate, pistachios, mint, honey and oranges. Yeah. Still can’t get over my pistachio fever.

4. I’m dying to get my hands on the pumpkin body butter from Trader Joe’s that you all keep telling me about… but does that warrant a 40-minute drive to the store? I think so. #priorities

5. Majorly crushing on this one. She is probably one of the coolest people I’ve ever met and so darn REAL. I also want to eat every single thing on her blog. Yes, even the vegetables. She loves butter so it’s okay.

6. Coming up later this week is our FIVE year anniversary and last night we both sort of realized that it popped up quickly and wow… what are we going to do to celebrate? I think we really just want to lay on the couch and watch movies. Hmmm.

7. TV thoughts!! Nashville: loving it and my heart is breaking. Oh Deacon!! Eeek. I really like how they move quickly on the show. For the most part, they don’t drag things out and I love that. Oh but can I just say that the flashback of young Rayna and Deacon was… funny. Also, I still want Connie Britton to be my best friend. She is so damn loveable. Oh and Oliver Hudson now?! Um, it’s like my two worlds have collided: Dawson’s Creek + Nashville.

8. As for Homeland, I’m ready to for them to ramp it up. Claire Danes is so insanely talented – even if you aren’t a fan I don’t think that can be denied. I’m really just wondering where the heck Mike (I mean Shane Oman) is. What are you thinking about it so far? Oh and I’m so excited that the Walking Dead is coming back this weekend, except for some unknown reason I feel an attachment to those characters and I’m just waiting to see who dies this season. I can’t take it. I seriously need a life. Detach me.

9. Whatcha reading right now? I’m going to start this book which is definitely a deviation from my usual, but after nudges from friends telling me it’s incredible and my intense obsession with american history, especially presidential history (waiting with baited breath for the killing kennedy special in november (hello rob lowe!)), I think I will probably love it. I actually went in to college as a history major. What?

10. If Karen from Mean Girls had Instagram. I can’t.

11. I know I flaked for the last few weeks of summer but since September I’ve been updating the weekly menu below. What are you having for dinner tonight?