If you follow me on Pinterest, then you know that I have a little… obsession.

bar cart I howsweeteats.com-2

With bar carts.

Super trendy and hip means that I HAVE to have one. Of course.

Oh and yes, by the way, that is a preview of our accidental purple walls that I mentioned last week. I will talk about them a little more later, but they have grown on us and we really like them. I think it’s because the gray (I mean, purple) looks completely different in different light – for instance, my brother walked in the room and said “nice tan walls.” Interesting. ANYhoo. More about that at another time.

So I’ve wanted to make a little bar cart not only because I find them super cute, but because it would give us an excellent place to store some of our most used products. Currently, they are inside of a bar downstairs in the garage and, well… I’m lazy. And don’t want to walk down there all the time.

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Here’s the deal. In my perfect world, I’m craving a gold bar cart. Something like this or this, which as you can… costs about a million dollars. Target has this one, but I wasn’t sold. Maybe if I painted it? I researched carts for two or three weeks before purchasing the one above, based on it’s super cheap price, fairly good reviews and size. I have a pretty small space that I want to fit it in (not against the wall above, but in the current state of my home (read: trashed) this area was best for the first few shots) and given my options, I figured this was the one I could do right now.

I like this cart well enough, but I don’t LOVE it. It’s getting the job done for what I want and if in the future I have a different space for a cart, you can bet I’m buying one of those nice gold ones. Eddie, on the other hand, hates this cart. He thinks it’s a cheap piece of junk (it’s honestly not super cheap up close, but the wheels are sort of cheap and it drives him crazy) and he doesn’t love the black glass. Luckily I covered it up with a ton of junk, as you can see.

bar cart I howsweeteats.com-1

On the top, I have our most used liquor. This includes my favorite local whiskey that I’ve mentioned before. Thanks to over four years of recipe development, we have maybe three times this amount so I can always switch out what we are using the most. I also included some of my favorite sodas and these cute little tonic waters I found on clearance at Homegoods.

The top rack also includes a bowl of limes and grapefruit stacked on coasters, this gold shaker bottle and these stirrers from anthro that I bought with my birthday discount, fun paper straws and cocktail napkins, also found at Homegoods. The little black and gold bottle opener was found at Target last week, again on the clearance rack (I swear this never happens to me) for $2.

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The bottom rack holds a few bottles of red wine, a bottle of san pellegrino (my dad’s favorite) and a bottle of Trader Joe’s sparkling apple cider. The downside about this cart is that the bottoms of our large wine glasses don’t fit in the rack, so I threw a few champagne flutes up there. I have some stemless wine glasses down below and along the edges are some little cocktail glasses in blue and green. I have so many dang props that I could probably put many more things down there, but I wanted to make it somewhat useful.

As for entertaining, I’d probably add a wine bucket or two somewhere on the rack and fill it with ice and white wine or champagne. I’d like to make it as party friendly as possible. I have a gorgeous Waterford decanter that we got for our wedding, but I’m almost afraid to set it on this cart in case of it falling and shattering somehow. I gotta see.

It’s no secret that I am not crafty and am quite home decor challenged. I’d love to make it prettier with stacks of books and flowers and what not (and maybe I will someday?) but for right now it’s functional and practical. (Which is so not me. WEIRD.) I so envy people who have an interior design eye because just like fashion, I have no freaking style. It stresses me.

bar cart I howsweeteats.com-1-2

So that’s that! I might totally change it around and do some more stuff to it and chat about it again once it’s in place. If you have a bar cart, please show me pictures so I can be insanely jealous and steal your ideas. THANKS.