tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Probably definitely making this for thanksgiving: no-bake pumpkin tiramisu. I mean… just stop.

2. Target already steals all of my money but now they really are inside my brain. It’s like they secretly installed some chip in my head and know EXACTLY WHAT I WANT.

3. Yesterday I actually googled “how to stop being lazy.” So yeah.

4. Are you planning on shopping on Thanksgiving? I think that whole idea is totally cracked out because then employees can’t enjoy the holiday. I’ve worked retail on black Friday before so I completely get it. But what’s next… black Friday deals on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving? Annoyances. I find better deals before or after anyway.

5. Speaking of shopping, I’m so pumped you guys are liking gift guide week! I have four (maybe five) more gift guides to share with you and can’t wait to hear your ideas.

6. Completely in love with this dirty dancing wedding dance. I wish Patrick Swayze was still alive to see it. They are SO into it.

7. I recently tried a chai latte and the spices burned my throat. I really wasn’t a fan. Thoughts?

8. This. The ultimate fashion guide to Saved By The Bell. Too bad I still want to wear Kelly Kapowski’s clothes. No, really.

9. Oh so much TV stuff! I thought Boardwalk was so good this week… and the Walking Dead? Very interesting. But let’s talk about Homeland. Quinn… major hearts for you. I thought it was pretty good (or at least getting better) albeit being ridiculous, but then I had a big “what?!” moment. Saul’s wife mentioned that they’ve been married for 35 years… um, what? I thought that actress was in her late 30s at the most and Saul was just robbing the cradle. Am I just a terrible judge of age? Probably. Even if they got married when she was like 17… no. Does not work out. Girl looks GOOD. And now that I’ve spent an entire paragraph on fictional characters…

10. Are you putting up any Christmas decor yet? Waiting until next Friday? Tell me tell me. I’m nosy.

11. That house project I mentioned last week? We are still sort of working on it but imagine two homeowners walking in to Lowe’s, looking at paint colors for less than 30 seconds and going “oh that one looks good” and choosing it. Then getting home and painting their walls gray. Which ends up being purple. Uh huh.