Brown Butter Sugar Cookies.

This is a serious melt-in-your-mouth little cookie.

Brown Butter Sugar Cookies I

For our third cookie of the month over at Better Homes and Gardens, it’s all about BROWN BUTTER.

Surprised? Probably not. If there is butter in my life, it’s brown. As is should be.

For these cookies, I used this exact sugar cookie recipe. I just browned the butter first. Easy as PIE!


Brown Butter Sugar Cookies I

The key here is that after you brown the butter, you gotta let it cool. Completely. Back to room temperature, softened butter. I like to brown the butter the night before, pour it in a bowl and let it cool. Once it’s no longer warm, I wrap the bowl in plastic wrap and let it sit on the counter overnight. It’s back to good old softened butter that is ideal for cookie baking come morning.

BUT! You must must must scrape out those delicious brown bits when you mix up the batter. It’s key, I tell you.

Brown Butter Sugar Cookies I

GAH. That butter. It’s unreal. Makes everything better.

Brown Butter Sugar Cookies I

You can find a little more about the recipe over here. If you make ’em, be sure to let me know. Brown butter for life.