november food + fun favorites I

Taco salads. Of course, this really just means a a very small bed of lettuce with chicken or beef, salsa, guac, cheese, beans and crushed chips, but I can’t get enough. Sort of like this one.

These boots. I had mentioned them in my autumn wishlist, but eventually decided that I wasn’t going to purchase them because of the price. I didn’t find anything I liked as much in the time being. At the beginning of the month, I walked into Macy’s and spied them. I only wanted to “try” them on, but the sales associate said she would give me 25% off for the men’s sale that was currently going on. Um… sold! I have lived in them ever since.

This decadent chocolate coconut chia seed and flax mix. Oh my gosh. I have used flax and chias for years, but this takes it to a whole new level. I eyed this in Whole Foods for months before purchasing, but am so glad I took the plunge. LOVE IT.

And… some chocolate in general. Not any old school chocolate, but this chocolove peppermint chocolate and this chuao popcorn pop bar. I don’t consider these to be candy bars – when I think of candy bars I think of Snickers, etc. I keep these to have a square or two after dinner if I want it. You know? Also – Starbucks chocolate peppermint cake pops. Ugh. Killing me smalls.

My bar cart. Am I allowed to use that as a favorite? I’m just totally obsessed with the convenience.

This restaurant. The phrase “licked my plate clean” could not even begin to describe it. Seriously.

Giada’s Feel Good Food. I didn’t get to read as much as I would have liked this past month, but I sure as heck read through this whole book. I love Giada. I’ve already made a few of these recipes and getting to see a little bit behind the scenes was fun.

Sourdough cinnamon toast. It’s so boring but it takes cinnamon toast to a whole new level and reminds me of my childhood. Even ate it for dinner one night. yep yep.

Christmas movies. I am such a sucker. All-time favorite is, of course, Christmas Vacation, but I also adore The Family Stone, The Holiday and It’s a Wonderful Life.

And Christmas music! So I might do a whole post on it… yeah I’m that person. And of course I’m talking about the NSYNC Christmas album.

The Trader Joe’s truffle salt tins. They are either new or they come out only around the holidays, but the tin is about $5 and the flavor is pretty spot on. Not as delicious as the $38 truffle salt from Whole Foods… but close.

This circle scarf. It’s HUGE! My brother and his girlfriend got it for me last Christmas and it is the one I have been reaching for the most this year. It’s so thick and warm.

For TV, I’ve got to give it to the Walking Dead. As much as it totally breaks my heart, it’s expected and I can’t get over how top notch some of the acting is. I’m always interested in the storyline, whereas… Homeland is another story.

My moleskine notebooks. Things have been super crazy lately and I would not survive without making two or three lists per day. I’m much more of a pen-and-paper person over electronic calendars, and I have been blowing through these notebooks. I just love how they are slim and lightweight too. P.S. I get mine at Target. All sizes!

On that same note, these big ass sticky notes. No explanation needed.

Vanilla almond butter. I’ve waxed (un)poetic on my dislike of almond butter for years, but man… this has changed the game. I can’t get over it.

My fit bit! I mentioned this in my gift guide with good reason – I love it. I don’t necessarily use it to track my workouts or anything, but I really like using it as motivation for an active lifestyle. Working out has always been a habit for me, but I want to continue to live an active life when I’m NOT working out… i.e. not sitting on my butt as much. My dad and grandpa have always been really active in general and I aim to be just like them. So that’s that.

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love. there are a few amazon affiliate links above. love love.]