tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. That’s one of the Bergdorf windows in NYC annnnnnd don’t you just want to live inside of it? I know. I KNOW!

2. I can’t even handle the gorgeousness of these snow caramels. Stunning. So winter white!

3. Every year I can never figure out what to buy my husband for Christmas. This year, I can’t STOP buying him things. It was the easiest thing in the world for some reason, except now his presents are overtaking my car.

4. My life would not be nearly as funny or sane with Bev in it. For a gigantic giggle, please read this post. Even if you can’t relate to it, it’s out of control.

5. Even though we rarely go to the movies, there are about a million out I want to see. Starting with American Hustle. J Law for life.

6. If you’re a nutso 90s Lisa Frank fan like I am, my friend Rachel sent me this super interesting article on her. Glitter unicorns and neon rainbows and all.

7. As soon as I hit publish on this post, I’m about to delete over 20K photos from my computer. Backed up, of course. This whole process requires like ten glasses of wine though. It’s quite scary. I don’t even really care about my photos (terrible, I know) but what if, like, someday I need a picture of some chocolate crumbs shaped into a heart and covered with sprinkles at the drop of a hat? Problems.

8. Let’s talk about the big pink elephant (almost literally?) in the room, aka the sorbet I posted on Friday. Um, you guys. First off, I was HOWLING with laughter at your comments. Second, I seriously never thought it looked like that, which is insane because I am fairly immature. Even more insane is that my husband who has the mind of a 12-year old boy didn’t see it either until the comments started rolling in. Whenever I get a chance, I may reshoot the photos, but it won’t be for a few weeks. By the way, the sorbet is really delicious.

9. Let’s also talk about Homeland. Dubayuu tee eff. I knew it was coming, but they better be able to pull something amazing off to make this show come back. I am so annoyed that Saul and Carrie never addressed her situation – before or at the end of the episode. Makes no sense. Still love Saul though. Give me more Quinn please. Oh, also, I’ve been over Grey’s for a few years now (at least until their gut wrenching finales every Spring) but I still watch as background noise while doing busy work like editing photos. I kinda hate what they’ve been doing with Meredith and Cristina. Just… no.

10. I know that at least three or four times a year I share some autocorrects on tuesday things, but I was (again) legit dying over these funniest ones from 2013. Why don’t these ever get old?! (Or maybe the do and I’m just a child.)