tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Totally dying over these bitter flavored sugar cubes! I wish I had seen these before last night so I could have made them for today. So, so cool.

2. Over the holidays I had an old-school packet of Quaker strawberries and cream oatmeal, just like I was twelve years old again. It’s so good. I’m not even ashamed.

3. Ummm I’m a terrible person because… I’d be okay if I didn’t see one more “flipagram” on instagram this year. I’m terrible. I know. I’m sorry. Sort of. Hate me.

4. Have you guys gone shopping at all and taken part in some of these massive sales? They are probably ending this week but I swear so many places I went had 40-50-60% off everything. Like I need more everything. I do not.

5. Uhhh please freak out with me because my husband got me the foot smooshed in a cupcake penguin for Christmas. Actually, he used it as a stocking stuffer and I think he actually attempted to stuff it IN the stocking. I can’t handle the cuteness. Can I just keep it out all year?

6. I am in full blown planner organization mode. It’s just like my obsession with school supplies. Pen and paper for life!

7. Had a good giggle over the 50 absolute sexiest things that Ryan Gosling did this year. I wasn’t expecting it to be that… ha.

8. What TV shows are you most excited for this coming year? I’m all about Nashville starting up again and… I actually want to watch Banshee again. We randomly watched it last year and sort of got into it. Oh and Girls. Though I’m fearful. Not sure if I’m prepped for that amount of second hand embarrassment yet.

9. We saw Anchorman 2 last week and it’s not like I had major expectations for it or anything, but I thought it was sort of all over the place? I did enjoy it and laughed quite a bit, but I still liked the first one better. I always ask Eddie “can you even imagine if Will Ferrell was your dad?” Gosh. I’m serious though. That would be fun beyond words. How does he stay in character so well?! I love him.

10. Happy New Year! I have a feeling that 2014 will be the best year yet. What are you doing tonight? I’m making the fattest cheese tray known to man.